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Message boards and Twitter have been all atwitter about Robert Pattinson’s cover shoot for the March issue of Details magazine.

People are claiming the issue features a partially clothed Pattinson photographed getting “a lap dance,” being “straddled” by a woman,” and even standing while a woman on her knees simulates oral sex on him.

Gossip Cop has the REAL details about what’s really in Details.

First off, Pattinson is FULLY clothed in all of the dozen or so photographs. He’s not even shirtless in any of the pictures.

And there are no straddling shots. No lap dance shots. No simulated oral sex shots. None of it.

While it’s true the models are nude in some pictures, remember that it’s Details magazine, so readers won’t be exposed to their details either.

Insiders tell Gossip Cop the photos are “super sexy,” yet “tasteful.” We also hear the pictures have an “Old Hollywood” feel to them. One source described the photos as embodying “1920s, 1930s Hollywood glamor.”

The Pattinson cover technically hits newsstands on February 23, but Gossip Cop is told some copies will be available a few days earlier.

Via Gossip Cop

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10 responses to “Details on Robert Pattinson's "Details" Photoshoot

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  1. Hmmm so am I the only person saying ‘dang it’ that some of those aren’t true LOL

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  3. I would be with you, Shae – I’d love to see a picture of him getting a lap dance, personally.

  4. I am SO happy to hear this news! I was really worried to think that Rob’s public persona–the shy, modest, self-conscious, and sweet young man that so many of his older fans adore–was gonna turn out to be completely fake and phony. Hopefully, he will continue to make decisions and choices based on good sense and a good upbringing. No sleaze, please, Rob!

    • I agree with you. This reminds me of a photo shoot the Backstreet Boys did many years ago where Brian decided not to be a part of it. Kevin, AJ, Nick & Howie were all clothed, but the women were nude. I don’t need to see that.

      Now seeing some more skin & heat in Eclipse, Breaking Dawn & Remember Me & Bel Ami – I’m all for it, lol!

  5. Pfft, he can be sweet and modest and all that, AND have sexual pics taken. It’s all for the art, right? LOL But I must say, I’m looking forward to these pics, I’m guessing they will be amazing!

    Though I am gonna say it like Shae up on the top said: Dang it! :p

  6. I think it’s great! Period. He’s a big boy. People need to let him grow.. his career is just flying and he is steering it beautifully!

    I for one can’t wait to see the pictures.. they will be tastefully done, and abslutely BEAUTIFUL! When has he done a shoot that isn’t Beautiful?

    He’s a young man, but a man…he knows what he is doing.. People need to stop viewing him as a kid.

    Let him grow.. he can’t stay where he is forever

  7. He can grow and mature and expand his fan base by proving himself as an actor and/or musician. IF he has the talent to make it in either field, (as we’ll find out in the next year or so), he’ll make the transition from tween/teen idol to a mature actor naturally and without posing in sleazy, soft porn photoshoots to make an extra buck(i.e., Johnny Depp). He can do nude sex scenes in every movie he makes from now on, and I’ll go see those movies IF he’s any good as an actor and brings something to his roles other than his sexy body. I guess it’s up to him what he wants from his career–does he want to be a sex symbol or a respected actor/musician? Strange as it may seem, there are women who find him attractive for reasons other than his physical appearance.

  8. why you people all work about this,the models not worked up and is their bodies,and if KRISTEN STEWART is angry yes or no that’s their business and you know what you call that LIFE,nobody is perfect,when ever he and kristen are together what do you think they are doing?also they seem to talk quite alot so she maybe knew about it,so why are you people making this you business did KRISTEN ASK FOR ANY HELP,last time i read he made 18million and she had 16million how many of you haters can say the same,none of us don;t be there no time with them so people let;s just keep out and mine our own business!

  9. Doubt that Details can beat the outstanding shots Bruce Weber did for Vanity Fair, or either Theo Wenner’s shoot–US, etc.–or the pics.Mark Segal did for Interview. Bring it on.

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