Russian Book cover with Rob Pattinson.   8 comments

Well, it’s one more russian book cover.

It was made using old photo of Robert Pattinson. It’s a Scott Westerfeld’s book – “So Yesterday”.

Posted February 16, 2010 by gabby in Robert Pattinson

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8 responses to “Russian Book cover with Rob Pattinson.

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  1. Speechless…
    But Rob’s hair is hotter! tee hee

  2. This is very funny.. realyy.. it’s a big LOL

  3. is very ugly just laughinf even

  4. what is funny

  5. “so yesterday” – No way ! Rob is yesterday, present, future ALWAYS!

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  7. It is really funny how everyone sees it differently. I think it is gorgeous…hehe. As time goes by (getting older), you can see the changes.

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