Robert Pattinson Speaks About His and Emilie de Ravin's Accents in "Remember Me"   3 comments

Robert Pattinson’s Aussie co-Star in the drama Movie Remember Me, Emilie de Ravin, had just four days to adopt the accent of a working class girl from New York’s Queens.

“We went to Queen’s for a little bit and tried to pick up something,” says Pattinson.

“It’s nothing like her Australian accent. Her Australian accent, I can’t even describe it, it’s just raucous…it’s the most Australian out of every-one I’ve met.”

The movie tells the story of two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they try to cope with family tragedies. Melbourne actress de Ravin, 28, a star of hit TV series Lost, was cast in Remember Me because of the instant chemistry with Pattinson.

“I read with a tonne of girls for the part and watch loads of auditon tapes. She was the last person who came in,” Pattinson says.

“It’s so funny, the script is written for a Spanish girl from the Bronx, and she’s the total opposite of it. Bust she did have it, as soon as she walked into the room.

“She was just really spunky and she had a real hard-core attitude about her.”

Pattinson has another Australian link through Kristen Stewart,19,who plays his girlfriend Bella in Twilight and is rumoured to be his off-screen sweetheart.

“I talk to her mum about Australia. Her mum’s really,really into Australia,” Pattinson says.

Written by David Murry

Remember Me is out March 11

Source: The Advertiser Thursday,Febuary 25,2010, The hit liftout, page 03

Scan and transprict thanks to jess_not_ie at Pattinsonlife

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3 responses to “Robert Pattinson Speaks About His and Emilie de Ravin's Accents in "Remember Me"

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  2. Oh, the script calls for a Spanish girl from the Bronx. I think that would be really, really interesting to see. Emilie is a good actress, but a Spanish girl would definitely be an interesting combination with Tyler. It brings in a whole new chemistry to the storyline. I’ll see the movie…and substitute Emilie in my mind.

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