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Wallpaper new pic Hedi Slimane shoot   1 comment

here’s a new wallpaper by DreamySim1 with a new pic of the Hedi Slimane Shoot for Another Man

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Pre-order Robert Pattinson Comic Book & Get A Free Sketch   Leave a comment

The Robert Pattinson comic book is now available for pre-order! And the author of the book is offering a promotion for a limited time:

If you pre-order the book before March 22, Nathan (the artist) will supply an original sketch and sign the book for free. The total cost is $10, which includes the book, shipping and handling.

You can pre-order the book by clicking here!

However, if you would like to simply pre-order the book without the sketch, it can be found on by click here!

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New Rob Wallpaper From The Today Show   1 comment

Here is a wallpaper made by Maria of Rob on The Today Show.

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'Remember Me' Podcast With Rob & Filmmakers – Part 3   Leave a comment

Part 3 of the ‘Remember Me’ Robert Pattinson & Filmmaker podcast is now live on iTunes. Rob and the filmmakers talk about Rob and Emilie’s chemistry & Ruby (Rob’s little sister in Remember Me).

You can download Part 3 by clicking here!

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Youtube Source: Twilight Britney Fan

Robert Pattinson, 'Remember Me' Co-Stars Answer Fans in Exclusive Video Interviews   Leave a comment

We’ve already posted the Rob one but here it is again with the others. From Moviefone

There’s no mistaking Tyler Hawkins for Edward Cullen.

Tyler — the young romantic ‘Twilight’ heartthrob Robert Pattinson portrays in the new drama ‘Remember Me’ — is still brooding, but more in a Holden Caulfield, disenfranchised upper-crest New Yorker sort of way (rather than, you know, troubled by the anxieties of blood-lust and immortality).

Pattinson and co-stars Pierce Brosnan,Emilie de Ravin and Chris Cooper, plus director Allen Coulter and screenwriter Will Fetters, hit New York recently to talk about the Manhattan-set drama. And since, well, we had a feeling the masses of R.Patz fans might be just a little bit enthused to have their existence officially acknowledged by the actor, we opened up the floor for fan-submitted questions.

The gracious Pattinson played along, answering questions about whether or not he’d ever consider playing James Bond (“I don’t know if I’d be capable of it, I think you need to be pretty fit for that”), the awkwardness of love scenes, his acting inspirations (“Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Gosling“) and what he could never give up (“Beer”).

Robert Pattinson Q&A

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Another Review for Remember Me *MAJOR SPOILERS INCLUDING THE ENDING*   4 comments

The new romantic melodrama “Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson (“Twilight”), was probably made under the assumption that every generation needs its own version of the classic “Rebel Without a Cause,” a movie that launched a whole cycle of melodramas about misunderstood but sensitive, lost and directionless youth.


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10 Second Eclipse Teaser Online Tomorrow   3 comments

There have been rumblings today about the first promotional teaser for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Gossip Cop can confirm that a ten-second teaser for Eclipse will come online tomorrow.

We hear that there will be announcement on Summit’s official @Twilight feed later today.

A source connected to the production confirmed the plans to Gossip Cop.

The full trailer is set to be released with Remember Me in theaters on March 12.


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Rob talks 'Remember Me' With the Montreal Gazette   1 comment

MONTREAL – The consensus is that Robert Pattinson has mastered the James Dean art of brooding as the sullen poster boy for the latest generation.

Pattinson’s heartthrob status has been defined by his portrayal of the conflicted vampire-in-recovery Edward Cullen in the popular Twilight film series, based on the Stephenie Meyer novels.

There was Twilight in 2008, New Moon last year, and Eclipse is set for release, to a great deal of anticipation, on June 30. Breaking Dawn, the finale, is expected to be released as two movies over the next few years.

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Rob's Interview With Parade – Talks about his dog, filming in NYC and music   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson is taking a break from his Twilight stardom to play a rebellious New York college student in Remember Me. In the indie flick, the 23-year-old gets to explode with rage, fall in love with a girl (played by Lost’s Emilie de Ravin) and go head-to head with his domineering father (played by Pierce Brosnan).’s Jeanne Wolf found out what Pattinson had in common with his character’s search for identity.

Acting as therapy.
“I try and pick roles that will help me develop as a human being and I think I was going through a similar kind of experience as my character Tyler, which I guess you could call being rebellious. I thought just doing the film would actually help me to think about and discover things that would help me in my life. I was kind of using it as a therapy exercise.”

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2 'Little Ashes' Stills in HQ   4 comments

Click for HQ

Source via RPLife

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