Robert Pattinson 'Connected' To The Ending Of 'Remember Me': The MTV News Quote Of The Day *Spoilers*   2 comments

“When I first read the script, it seemed so much a part of it. As soon as I read it, I felt immediately connected to it. If it was edited down in any way, I don’t think it would be the same thing. I always feel there’s some kind of power to the script. I wanted to keep that in the movie.”

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*Spoiler Warning*

-“Remember Me” star Robert Pattinson, speaking to MTV News about the somewhat controversial and certainly surprising ending of his latest film (which opened on Friday, March 12). In the film, Pattinson’s character brushes up against a significant historical event in a sequence that had to be handled with the utmost sensitivity — an attitude shared by all the participants in the movie.

“I had some concern about the portion of this film that is a bit of a surprise and I hoped that it would be handled tastefully — as tastefully as it could be,” actor Chris Cooper, who plays the father of the woman Pattison’s character falls for, told MTV News. “I must say after I saw it, I don’t know how you could handle it anymore tastefully but still get the idea across of the loss. I think the strongest thing in the film is the idea of loss.”

Director Allen Coulter concurred. “The fact is that, from the very beginning, this is a story about what we call ‘the bolt from the blue’ — the unexpected event that alters the trajectory of your life. We start with a very personal story, and as the story unfolds that very notion is enlarged upon and goes from the personal to the universal. We felt we were trying to humanize that kind of event.”


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2 responses to “Robert Pattinson 'Connected' To The Ending Of 'Remember Me': The MTV News Quote Of The Day *Spoilers*

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  1. I cried like a baby.such a moving story.Rob proved he ISN’T JUST A PRETTY FACE.

  2. My god how attached I was to the characters. I had a mini panic attack when Tyler(Robert) started entering the building, then I cried like a baby. Rob and Emilie did such an amazing job, their chemistry made me feel like I was watching something intimate and private. Amazing.

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