5 Great New Robert Pattinson Wallpapers   11 comments

Here are 5 great new Robert Pattinson wallpapers made by DreamySim1

Click to make them bigger

See the rest after the jump!

Posted April 20, 2010 by justfp in Robert Pattinson, Wallpapers

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11 responses to “5 Great New Robert Pattinson Wallpapers

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  1. Oh nice background, they totally fit for my work! Really like the orange one !

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  3. Great wallpapers! Does anybody know when the picture of Rob in the last wallpaper (the one with the blue jacket) was taken?

  4. i am sooo tired of this new system for comments. soooo much error! i just wanted to give you the answer of anonymous question. sigh:)))well, here is the answer.the one with the blue jacket was taken when he was in japan for promoting Twilight movie last Feb,i believe. he came to japan with kris & taylor. we have a poster too.if you want , i can find you which japanese magazine was. well anyway he is always gorgeous!!

  5. What issues are you having with the new comment system?

  6. well, i tried to put my name first. but i could not enter my name. when my name was happened to enter right,then my e-mail could not enter. sigh:))) i tried a couple of time, then i dont know how i did it , but anyway i supposed to get done right. i dont know what is happening.may be i just cant understand about DISQUS.

  7. Should work now 🙂

  8. i guess it's working now. thank you;)))))i should have much more skills about IT. sigh:))

  9. No worries babe 😉

  10. Thank you so much for your answer :). I just noticed that ToR posted pics from a Japanese magazine/photshoot from February 2009 so I'm guessing that's the one? Anyway, thanks again :D.

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