'The Summer House' to be released on iTunes

Fellow blogger Late2ThePartee from RAoR has some exclusive juice on ‘The Summer House’, which has never been released on DVD:

Last week, in the haze of my excitement (I mean look at him UNF!) I contact The Summer House site directly via email. Here is the juicy news that Anna MacDonald the Producer of The Summer House shared with me:

Yes, THE SUMMER HOUSE will be screened … at WSFF.  Daisy Gili, who directed THE SUMMER HOUSE will be there.

The short will also be available for download via iTunes from July.

OMG, it’s that last line that is BIG NEWS because the latest release date we were given was October 2010. This means we’ll get The Summer House on iTunes THIS SUMMER!

She also managed to confirm that ‘The Summer House’ will be screening at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival:

The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto tweeted me yesterday and confirmed that The Summer House will be screening there on June 3rd and June 4th at 7pm.  The entire line-up of short films will be announced via their website today and tickets will be going on sale as well today. Please visit their website for more details!

Don’t know what The Summer House is about?  Here’s the trailer:


A young girl flees to France to forget her boyfriend; first his letters pursue her, then he himself follows her there. During a party to celebrate the moon landing she takes her own small step…