A Bunch of NEW After Party Pictures   6 comments


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Source via thehellamIStew (via Pattinsonlife)

6 responses to “A Bunch of NEW After Party Pictures

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  2. Who is the blond woman standing so close to Rob? She was in a backseat of a car when they took a picture and caught them before Really bothers me. Love them…

    • That I think is Rob’s agent. I’m not 100% sure on this though. But it does look like her. So in most of the pictures you will see her in them.

  3. the one that is in the pic of him and that little girl. the person to his left that is kinda licking her lip, the blonde, that is his agent.

    wow mane chow down on that wing rob. that’s the only way to eat them 🙂

  4. the blond lady i think is his sister…both of them was there and you see kristen talking to her alot…but it could be his agent she tries to get in every picture with rob…from what i seen so far and not just on this site rob and kristen did spend alot of time together…so maybe E! news was right about them…does anyone have the ones of them leaving together or holding hands or even hugging up together…myself i think they are together…

  5. Welll…he doesn’t look drunk to me. Just really tired and hungry. He is working (on a film) AND promoting Eclipse. He’s probably exhausted. That high energy (at premieres) looks exhausting anyway. Give the guy a break.

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