Artist Contest Round 2 (Semi-Finalists!) – Help Us Pick the Winner!   18 comments

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Here is round 2 of our artist contest. The 2 entries in each category who accumulated the most votes in round 1 are below. You can check out round 1 here . Vote for your favourite in each category. The entry with the most votes in each category will then proceed to round 3 which is where our final winner will be picked. The winner will win an authentic signed pic of Robert Pattinson in Cannes. 

You have until Sunday June 17th to vote. 

The 2 wallpaper semi-finalists


See more after the jump!


Favorite wallpaper


The 2 pic semi-finalists



Favorite Pic

The 2 video semi-finalists



Favorite Video

The 2 drawing semi-finalists



Favorite Drawing

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18 responses to “Artist Contest Round 2 (Semi-Finalists!) – Help Us Pick the Winner!

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  1. Wallpaper No1 is really beautiful, still small mistake towards the bottom. First picture on the left is “How to be” ART again. Daniel Gale is nowhere on the entire wallpaper. Sorry love. Good work though.

    • I was just saying the same thing 🙂 The first picture on the left at the bottom is “How to Be” Art, not Daniel. Still love the wallpaper though.

  2. They’re wonderful 😀

  3. Just such a joy to see these again. I am so crazy over video #1…..To Make You Feel My Love. Beautiful.

  4. I love no 2! Its by far the better wallpaper! VOTE NO 2!

  5. I love the drawings but no2 seems to be either digitally done or at least traced .. number one is beautiful! I’d actually pay for it!

  6. The artist on drawing #2 mentioned in round 1 that she drew that by hand using a tablet and digital pen. Not traced.

  7. On Drawing #2 – I think she’s an artist for a living. That explains why it’s so good.

  8. I write something before but it disappeared. The artist who did drawing #2 said she didn’t trace it. She did it with a digipen and tablet.

  9. Ehy girl ^^ RPazz is VEEEEEEEEEEERY Beautiful with a big B, true???
    I think…OF COURSE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Only he's like that v.v v.v v.v

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  11. For the Wallpapers, I really love the 2 but I’ve chosen the second one.
    For the Picture, the second is also my favorite ;P
    For the videos, I’ve chosen the first one because it’s more elaborated, I think. But the second make me smile all the time and I think it’s a good video too!
    And Finally, I’ve chosen the second draw because I think it’s more realistic than the first one.

    All of you guys had done a really good job!
    Thanks for that ;D

  12. On the second wallpaper… unless my eyes are making a mistake, Eric Parker should be Eric Packer. Both wallpapers are awesome though!

  13. I just vote for wallpaper n.2 🙂 . But EVERY ART-WORK is AMAZING 🙂

  14. K…Just voted…good luck to everyone! 🙂

  15. Congrats to all those who made it through. Awesome jobs – good luck for the rest of the competition. xo

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