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A few weeks ago I posted how Shannon, someone who has been helping ToR and has been part of ToR from the start, was going through a rough time. Her husband fell through a skylight 25 feet to the ground. He survived but had many injuries and required various surgeries. You can see the original post here. I’ve seen pictures of her husband which I will not post because they are way too graphic. 

Unfortunately they were in the process of renewing their insurance when this happened and a few days before the accident, their insurance ran out… Shannon received her 1st hospital bill this week. It’s 136,000.00$ US. This is the first of many bills. For this family, this could mean losing it all. Shannon is one of the most caring and sweetest persons I know. She always puts herself out there to help out everyone. Now it’s our turn to do the same for her. If you were in New York City at the Water for Elephants Premiere you might have met her. She was with us. 

If you can help out any way possible by making a small donation to the family click on the link below. We will forward all the money to Shannon. A small bit sometimes goes a long way. Feel free to repost this on your sites. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. 

Paypal link 

In the coming week we’ll be auctioning off items to help Shannon. If you’d like to donate something Rob related for auction please e-mail us at 

DreamySim1 will be auctioning a special wallpaper or banner for someone and we have some signed items to auction off as well.

Check out all the stuff that’s been donated that we’ll be auctioning! 

We love you Shannon, stay strong girl.  

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16 responses to “One of Ours Needs Your Help

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  1. OMGosh!!!! (xposted to all the sweet well wishes and kindness and now to this….I can’t say how much this means to me…my wordiness fails me now)

    What am I going to do with you darling people?! It is hard for me to express myself, sometimes, when things are so raw and personal and wonderful. *wiping tears from my eyes* This is the first I have seen this <3<3<3…I turned on my phone and caught the sweet tweets and offers of help…

    This is just so wonderful and too much. All you guys are the sweetest creatures!!!!! Sometimes, when things get really tough for me, I find a smile here and on my twitter. (you always make the good times even better too ❤ *teary smiles*)

    Your support is just amazing and then I suddenly feel less alone in this. You give me energy to move on to the next challenge and keep my foot on the gas moving forward and to be strong for my family that is really struggling right now.



    Shannon aka Schelmy

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  3. Good luck Schelmy. I really hope you get all the help you need. And that your husband will be okay.

    Xoxo, Jo

  4. Sweet Shannon: no matter what we’ll be here for you babes *BIG HUGS* I hope everything will turn out okay for all of you. You’re in our hearts. Love ya! ❤

  5. People owe $50,000, 90,000 or whatever amount for their medicals bills, it doesn’t make them poor. Hospitals will not refuse a patient. Best wishes.

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  8. dear shanon my prayers goes to u and ur family. love u

  9. Dear Shannon,

    My prayers are with your family. May you receive a financial blessing and your husband fully heal from his wounds. God Bless.


    Someone I used to know
  10. Oh dear Shannon, my heart goes out to you and family. Stay strong and know our prayers are with you. xoxo MelbieToast

    Dreamy Sim, I tried to use PayPal twice for donation but it didn’t work, will try credit card.

  11. Made a small donation thru PayPal… not much but I hope it helps!! Best wishes and much love to you (Shannon) and your family! Many blessings for a speedy recovery for your hubby, too!

    Charli oxox

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  13. TwiBritneyFan Here (Maria) Sending so many good thoughts, and prayers your way Shannon.
    I’m so glad to have helped any way that I can. I have 3 Movies you can put up for auction. The Haunted Airman Remember Me and
    The Messengers. I also have a paperback Water For Elephants Novel you can put up for the auction (movie edition)

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