Auctions for @Schelmy! PLEASE READ   41 comments

Hi guys, 

Over the past few days we’ve been asking you to donate things for an auction for Shannon (original post here). Many of you have pulled through and offered to donate items. So far here’s what we have:

– Set of White Cover Twilight Books (Donated by Robluscious)
– French NM DVD Box Set (Donated by PattyStewBoneCity)
– Entertainment Weekly autographed by Kristen Stewart (Donated by IAm_ECHELON)
– ToR poster autographed by Rob, Christoph Waltz and Francis Lawrence (Donated by Slowie)
– Customized Jacon & Marlena WFE Dolls autographed by Sara Gruen (Donated by Morgan)
– Details Magazine (Donated by DreamySim1)
– VF 2009 Magazine (Donated by DreamySim1)  
– Signed Copy of Outlander by Diana Galbadon (Donated by FPOnTheDL)
– 5 Eclipse photos, stickers, magnet, 2 bracelets (Donated by marysolsm)
– Kristen Elle UK Magazine  (Donated by Slowie)
– Lot of Twilight French Magazine (Donated by PattyStewBoneCity)
– 2 posters of Rob as Edward (one from Twilight, one from New Moon) (Donated by fluffyMina)
– Small poster of Jacob NM (Donated by fluffyMina)
– Twilight Director’s Notebook (German) (Donated by fluffyMina)
– Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion (Donated by fluffyMina)
– New Moon Illustrated Companion (Donated by fluffyMina)
– Help setting up new WPsite (design included) (Donated by DreamySim1)
– 2 x customized wallpaper/banner (Donated by DreamySim1 / Twilighter_News)
– Lot of Twi Cast pics (Donated by PhoenixMP3)
– Lot of True Blood pics (Donated by PhoenixMP3)
– Alex Meraz Autograph (Donated by IAm_ECHELON)
– 2 x copies of the original Remember Me Script (Memoirs)
– EW Breaking Dawn (Donated by LadyFairyPants)
Percy Jackson Series (Donated by Slowie)

So here’s my question to you guys. Would many of you be willing to bid on these things? 

See the pics after the jump!

Here are some pics of the items. I need to add the rest shortly

Posted September 16, 2011 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

41 responses to “Auctions for @Schelmy! PLEASE READ

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  1. Yes I would it sounds cool 🙂

  2. I would bid on items in this list…

  3. i would!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Seriously, ME!!!!

  5. Yes, definitely!!

  6. yes I would !!

  7. I would too!! I have no job so I have not much money but I would like to help.

  8. Yes I would..go for it.

  9. Yes, I would!

  10. I would!

  11. Yes me too ! Far for being rich, but glad to help a little. (Ce que je suis heureuse d’avoir l’assurance-maladie au Québec…) Good luck Shannon, de tout mon coeur !

    • I wanted to write «far from being rich», sorry ! Please excuse the english mistakes, as you may have notice my mother-tongue is french ! And also, I want to say a really BIG THANK YOU to the persons who are taking care of this web site, you are doing an incredible job. Your site is pleasant to look at, easy to browse, complete and respectful… I am hooked ;-b, and, as a new member of the Rob/Kristen/Twilight worldwide fans, I now go visit your site everyday for my «Rob fix» if I can say it that way. THANK YOU again ! And thank you for your help for Shannon.

  12. Yes!!!

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  14. i would vote…i need a the twilight movie companion 🙂

  15. Is it here that I bid ?
    I’m starting at $15 (U.S) for the Vanity Fair 2009 magazine.
    Going to work soon, will be back around 6, Montreal time !
    Bye now !

  16. Thank you Justfp, I just did. I’m sooo new to that kind of stuff on the Net.

  17. Thanks, that’s what I tought, but I wonder ??? Oh, that’s probably because here in Quebec we are actually, from spring to fall, « à l’heure avancée de l’est» a + «one hour» time from the regular time zone (for the sunlight stuff, you know) I don’t know the right word in english for that. Well bye now, going to work for some of that money to get that incredible photsohoot of Robert in the magazine VF !

    • I’m in Quebec too LOL

      • Ah ! C’est pour ça que j’ai vu quelques réponses en français sur le site ! Le monde est petit… Est-ce que la différence de temps vient du fait que le site est hébergé dans un autre fuseau horaire ???
        (Par simple curiosité : est-ce que tu es parfaitement bilingue ou l’anglais est ta langue maternelle ?)
        En tout cas, MERCI encore pour tout ce travail. Je vais aller regarder où en sont les enchères 😉
        Bye !

  18. I’m sorry I’m so late, but I have a spare Italian Vanity Fair ( april 2011) magazine and I’m also willing to part with my Breaking Dawn ComiCon badges.
    I know some of you are also Hunger Games fans: I have original and huge Lionsgate movie poster from CC.

    At the end of the day, it’s just stuff, collecting dust and if we can help someone by giving it away, why not?

    If you want something let me know ( email or twitter, I also like you on FB) and I’ll send you photos of things.

  19. Is it possible for you to do the auctions on ebay? That way you would not only get people from this site, but other people who are just looking for Rob stuff as well.

  20. Wow! Alot of great stuff was donated. I’d definitely bid on these goodies.

  21. Yes, where do I bid???

  22. Where is this stuff being auctioned from? United States? Other?

  23. I want it !
    What we have to do for it?

  24. @justfp and @mpersonalheroin : same thing for me, on the auction page I can’t bid either, do I really need to register with WP ? (I left a longer comment on another page about my ignorance lol)
    Thanks !

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