Poll of the Day: Which Twilight Saga Films is Your Favorite   8 comments

With Breaking Dawn being released 12 days ago we thought we’d do a little poll to see which Twilight film is your favorite.  You can answer in the poll below! 


8 responses to “Poll of the Day: Which Twilight Saga Films is Your Favorite

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  1. I have to admit that Twilight was my favorite so far basically cause of the falling in love romance aspect if it…Breaking Dawn now is my favorite. ..To me it feels as though NM and Eclipse were just in between to prolong the outcome…I would be happy if I got only Twilight and Breaking Dawn

  2. It is a tie between the 1st one and BD Pt1. I bet Pt 2 will be great too.

  3. I also have a special fondness for Twilight as the movie that started it all, but Breaking Dawn really blew me away. They looked so in love,
    then terrified when they had to deal with the baby (Edward at least- Bella was always excited about it). I’m really loking forward to Part 2 to complete
    the saga.

  4. for me i love BD now and the first Twilight

  5. well if i had to pick i whould have to say twilight was my favoite because that’s where edward and bella frist fell in love

  6. Breaking Down 2 část bude skvělá( teda doufám) já sem to četla a v knížce je to super 🙂 zatím jsem z 1 části spokojená ale nejaký scény tam nebyly co jsem četla 🙂 ale jinak je to muj nejoblíbenější film 😀

  7. I couldn’t pick at first….. The Twilight Saga unlike any other franchise, doesn’t feel like several movies but just chapters each one building to a conclusion. I think this saga had done the best job with several directors and crews moving in a smooth and yet steady climb to the crest Breaking Dawn and prepairing us for the conclusion. There have been so many hands on this project and they have done a great jog… the only thing I can do is to say Twilight because, yet it started it all.

  8. I just love them all ;*

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