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Robert Pattinson Interview with   5 comments

Here’s an Rob interview with

From / Google translate

Departure from the Twilight World

Teenage star Robert Pattinson on the last vampire speed, minute-long Fankreischen and the benefits of a life with no fixed abode.

His early career as Cedric Digorry in the fourth “Harry Potter” movie has long since forgotten, because for millions of fans around the world, Robert Pattinson is just still the charming vampire Edward – and perhaps the biggest heartthrob of the cinema under the sun. Three years after “Twilight – Bis (s) to the dawn” and a few other movies like “Remember Me” or “Water for Elephants,” the Briton the immortal lovers, is now playing in “Breaking Dawn – Bis (s) at the end of the night 1 “. It is the fourth and penultimate time the final, already wacky, Finale will follow in November 2012. In an interview Robert Pattinson looks despite his mere 25 years of fairly mellow and cool.

Mr. Pattinson, five films and one long to play the same role – that is a challenge?The most difficult thing about the “Twilight” movies for me was always, be careful that you had not to repeat itself. Especially when Edward, because the figure is changing so, unlike some of the Bella, not really.He is no more, he does not sweat, he does not cry, he makes himself never dirty. Not so simple that you can not always look the same since.But is not “Breaking Dawn – Bis (s) at the end of the night 1” placed special difficulties? After all, there is a wedding and honeymoon.

Yes, it was definitely a new experience, because for the first time Edward and thereby makes everything that follows, by a certain change.I was honestly easier than ever to slip into his skin. It felt more natural, somehow he got a bit more human.

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Great Robert Pattinson Pic Edits Made by FadingGlow   Leave a comment

Here are some great Robert Pattinson pic edits made by FadingGlow. Make sure to check out and follow her Tumblr account here.

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Glimpse of Rob Presenting at The Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards   3 comments

very very short glimps: it’s at about 1.04:


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Black & White Breaking Dawn Stills   Leave a comment

Here are black & white versions of the Breaking Dawn Stills I made for you guys. 

Click to make bigger 

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Interview with ScreenGeek – UK Premiere   1 comment

Here’s a new Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with ScreenGeek from the London Breaking Dawn Premiere

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Sneak Peek: Listen to Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Score   1 comment


Available to pre-order now.

Amazon US: CD (12 Dec) MP3 (6 Dec) | iTunes (6 Dec)

Amazon UK CD (5 Dec)

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Interviews with Polsat – UK Breaking Dawn Premiere   2 comments

Here are Rob, Kristen and Taylor interviews with Polsat from the UK Breaking Dawn Premiere (dubbed)



Translated from dubbing. Sorry if it’s not quite grammatically correct.

Interviewer: How do you cope with such popularity when thousands of people are screaming your name?
Rob: It’s nice, but it’s part of our job. Besides premieres and promo time it’s quite calm, we can live our normal lives.

Interviewer: Did you expect that this film would be a huge success all over the world?
Rob: Not at all. The first film had a really low budget, it was an indie, nobody expected this craziness. Then it exploded. In two weeks our lives changed so much.

Interviewer: Everything that happened next was a surprise for you?
Rob: Yeah, totally.

Taylor: It’s so wonderful to meet this family – my mates from set and the fans.

Interviewer: It’s nearly the end of the saga. Are you happy or will you miss Bella?
Kristen: Well, I feel really lucky and I have no regrets. Sometimes it’s hard to leave something behind if you’re part of it for such a long time.
I love this set, I love the memories. I’d like to have an open door and see a light there to be able to reminisce this adventure back.

Taylor: It’s cool that we, actors, can start to make other movies now. But I’ll miss this.

Interviewer: What will you miss the most?
Taylor: We got along with each other. I treat this crew like my family. The saga brought so much joy to us.

Kristen: Special greetings for you. I hope you’ll enjoy the film.
Taylor: Thank you so much and have fun watching Breaking Dawn.

StewyBerty /Via/ Translation

2 Breaking Dawn Part 1 Stills Now in UHQ & HQ   2 comments

2 Breaking Dawn Part 1 stills now in high quality. Click for bigger.

ETA: Added UHQ versions.

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Video: Robert Pattinson Interview with Espectacular TV   1 comment

Translation of the questions:

Can you tell us something about your character in this latest installment?
The story is a little melodramatic, but it also has parts that could seem corny.. how did the director avoid that?
How was it to film the sex scene?
Will we in this film or the next one get to see an Edward that doesn’t spend the whole time feeling guilty?

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Jamie Campbell Bower Praises Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Despite his blond good looks and female fans, Jamie plays down the idea he could be the next teen heartthrob of Twilight, snatching the crown from the likes of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

“I’m hardly the sexiest man in the world,” he protested. “I’m a bit of a geek.”

However, since joining the Twilight franchise, Jamie has been able to absorb lessons on handling the spotlight from watching Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart.

“They’re both incredible actors, and Kristen’s someone I’ve admired since I first saw her in Panic Room,” said Jamie.

Rob is now someone who has mutual friends of mine, so it’s nice to be able to work with people you can get along with.”

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