Scan and translation: Bel Ami Art from Fashion Collection Magazine – Russia   Leave a comment

We’ve posted this scan before HERE but now with translation:
Translation (thanks reader Christine!) | StrictlyRobsten
“Georges DuRoy-who is he? How will the viewers see him in Declan Donellan and Nick Ormerod’s screen adaptation? Charming appearance, steel nerves of a card player, enchanting manners and a predator’s claws-this is Mr. DuRoy we imagine while reading Guy de Maupassant’s novel. In this new adaptation, he will be portrayed by Robert Pattinson-a young actor who has managed to prove the diversity of his talent to film critics thanks to films like “Remember Me,” “Water for Elephants,” and “Twilight”.
But Robert has never had to play such a character. For an absolutely negative character, DuRoy is only “selfish, craving for wealth and fame.” He is the ladies’ favorite who never misses a single opportunity to start a new romance with an influential lady, promising him high position in society and money because “most often it is women who make men”.
“Bel Ami” will make the viewers ask the question: “What makes a man step over moral principles?” the answer is claerly seen throughout the film. Paris at the end of the 19th century-is the time for intrigue and treachery; the period when to get a high position in society-you must play with cruel rules”.
Premiere in Russia is expected on March 29

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