Weekly Roundup of Pics and Quotes of the Day   2 comments

Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“Nobody wants to see a dickhead succeed — that’s why I wanted to do it.”

Robert Pattinson (about Bel Ami – Sunday Times interview – 2012)

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“I do everything to hide because, if someone finds out where I am, there are people outside 24 hours a day. And that’s what drives you crazy, because you can’t escape. It makes you not want to go out — then you don’t meet anyone and just get insanely bored.” Robert Pattinson (Sunday Times Interview)

“I was telling my dad about it last night, and he sounded really into it. ‘I’m coming over — let’s go to the orgy club.’” Robert Pattinson (about the KitKatClub, a notorious Berlin sex joint – Berlin interview Sunday Times – 2012)

“I’ve never been to any festival like this and I love Berlin” Robert Pattinson (Bel Ami Press Conference)

“she’s incredibly physically strong” Robert Pattinson (about Uma Thurman – Bel Ami Press Conference)

“I’m very conscious of what I think people would believe me as, which drives my management crazy” Robert Pattinson (Sunday Times interview)

“I’ve turned down playing a marine, because I don’t want marines to go, ‘This is a disgrace.’” Robert Pattinson (Sunday Times interview)

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  1. Big thank you ToR girls for all your work 🙂 Have a good week !

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