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Here’s our weekly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr

“If I did that now I’d get asassinated. Everyone would be like, What the fuck?” Robert Pattinson (about doing something completely different – Vanity Fair – 2011)

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“When this is over, the media will lose interest. There’ll be nothing to say. It won’t fit into a template” Robert Pattinson (Vanity Fair 2011
“I always find the best scripts have been written with people in mind, but I don’t really know who I am yet in terms of cinema” Robert Pattinson (Sunday Times interview)
“The whole point of the character is that he doesn’t change, but, after a while, you’re, like, ‘I’m running out of ideas here.’” Robert Pattinson (about playing Edward Cullen – Sunday Times interview
“I don’t feel like going out, as there’s no telling when a simple trip to a restaurant might ignite another riot” Robert Pattinson (Vanity Fair – 2011)
“One of the weirdest scripts I’ve read” Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis – Sunday Times interview)
“I’ve always said to my agents and stuff, like, it’s going to be 10 years before people forget about Twilight, And that’s totally understandable.” Robert Pattinson (about his career – Vanity Fair 2011)
“It looks like spiders have written it” Robert Pattinson (about his writing – Vanity Fair 2011)

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