Bel Ami in Ciak Magazine – Italy – April 2012   Leave a comment

Bel Ami in Ciak Magazine – Italy – April 2012

And again they used the artwork of a wallpaper made by me (@DreamySim1), at least they kept the tag on in the print 🙂 :

Translation after the jump!


From Stephenie Meyer to Guy De Maupassant the road is not so long. Robert Pattinson is a vampire. But if in the Twilight saga he is a true gentleman, capable of sacrificing his predatory instincts for love, in Bel Ami, out April 13 (in Italy), is shrewd, ambitious and manipulative, capable of feeding on women to get ahead in the world that counts. His lips are still red with blood and he continues to be thrill hungry. Insatiable playboy, cold-blooded, toy boy ante litteram (Before time), Georges Duroy by De Maupassant is a sample of venality. According to Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod at their first movie experience and after a career in theater, Pattinson grab it and made it his own. And ‘He is the key of the film. “I had no idea of the depth of your vacuum” is told to him in the film.

Someone viciously read thi line in the movie as an unintentional allusion to the interpretation of Pattinson. In its appeal fall, however, C.Ricci, U.Thurman, K Scott Thomas and the young Holliday Grainger that five years ago had already met Robert on the set of The Bad Mother’s Handbook TV movie. This time he will carry her to the altar in a scene that can not fail to remind fans of the saga of the long-awaited marriage to Bella. Shaved as a Marine soldier (“the hair bothered me while I was running,” he said), the star of Twilight does not hide that, in the past, he himself was ready to do anything for success. “I read the script a few years ago, so I was very young and I felt closer to Georges, I understood and I justified his angry urgency to shake off poverty, anonymity and emerge at any cost in a world where money and power are everything. Now I have changed and I see him as a man who acts only out of selfishness, opportunism, and envy. He denies his family ,he is not willing to accept who has more in his life than he has, the success of others as an insult to his person. I am not like him at all. But I do not think I will get a character like this in the future: often movies try to impart moral lessons, but Georges is incorrigible and without any hope of redemption.”

Shot in Budapest (and in and around London, but the author of the article does not say it), produced by Uberto Pasolini and distributed in Italy by RAI Cinema (01 Distribution). The film, shown out of competition at the Berlin Film Festival, is the story of an ironic and cruel social climbing in the nineteenth century Paris, where a corrupt government, supported by a corrupt press covers the misdeeds of corrupt politics.

In this context, the real talent lies in reaching the top without possessing a real talent, sex is power and celebrity is obsession. It is no coincidence that the fierce De Maupassant’s novel is a classic adapted to all seasons. And if Duroy were alive today? “He would find other ways to satisfy his ambition. He probably participate in a reality show where he would be willing to do anything to get noticed.

Today many young people are just like him.” (said Pattinson) Pursued by fans willing to defy the cold of Berlin, Pattinson is getting ready, after his not exciting box offices Remember Me and Water for Elephants his difficult post vampire career who will see him, probably at the next Cannes Film Festival, in the new David Cronemberg’s movie, Cosmopolis, adapted from Don DeLillo. “With (the end of Twilight) ended an era in my career. Certainly, if Meyer wrote another book and a film adaptation I would read the script, but I would probably be too old for the role of Edward. I have to grow up, to go forward and I hope that my fans, to whom I owe so much, will follow me in different, more mature stories.”. We’ll see.

Under the photo the author of the article says: After Twilight there is rumor that he will be one of the protagonists of Maximum Ride movie

Robert Pattinson Moms | via PattyStewBoneCity

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