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We posted a lot of reviews HERE, but here are a few more reviews of Cosmopolis:


“Pattinson is able to convey a whole lot about his Cosmopolis character simply with a curdled sneer and a soul-sick gaze. He’s skilled at delivering the tricky DeLillo dialogue, too, which Cronenberg has preserved in huge swaths for his adaptation.” -Kyle Buchanan,



“Eric Packer (a surprisingly adequate Robert Pattinson), [is] an ambivalent and self-destructive power broker.” -Simon Abrams,


Huffington Post:

“Featuring an ensemble cast built on quick cameos, the film is anchored by a solid, ennui-filled performance by Robert Pattinson, shedding his Twilight skin for something more substantive and reminiscent of Christian Bale in American Pyscho.” -Raffi Asdourian,


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Toronto Star:

“Packer, very well played by Pattinson, would have made a good patient for the subjects of Cronenberg’s previous movie, A Dangerous Method.” -Peter Howell,

Film School Rejects:

“Robert Pattinson does well enough with the material, convincingly aloof and alien, and coping with the necessary rampant biological urges well without caricaturing, but really his is a rather thankless task, afforded only overtly-poetic, heavily self-conscious dialogue and shallow dynamics with other characters.” -Simon Gallagher,

The Guardian:

“As the star, Robert Pattinson’s face is set in an immobile semi-sneer of super-cool unshockability.” -Peter Bradshaw,


Daily Telegraph:

“Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis [is] talky but terrific, with a steely, sinuous turn from Pattinson.” -Robbie Collin,


New York Times

” As a diagnosis of what ails us, “Cosmopolis” would make an excellent if slightly nauseating double-bill with Mary Harron’s Wall Street horror shocker, “American Psycho.” – Manohla Dargis,


More added:


“After its premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, critical response was mixed, but name me one Cronenberg picture that has not met similar reception. COSMOPOLIS is evidence of a director pouring his intellect and soul into a film that is even colder, more calculated, impenetrable and alien than any other genre film he has ever attempted before.” ” It’s a difficult film to like, and demands its audience immerse itself in its insect-like intellect and quietly unfolding, aloof narrative. It most certainly is a difficult film, but for serious fans and scholars of the director’s unique and unwavering world view, it is both essential and immensely rewarding. Pattinson (who is excellent in a difficult role) plays a dead-eyed billionaire named Eric Packer, a finely tailored humanoid who is like capitalism itself made flesh.” full review here


SF Chronicle:

“Limo: Incredibly, Pattinson delivers the strongest performance. His blase expression works well, and he pulls off complicated limo scenes with Binoche and the doctor.”

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