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‘Breaking Dawn’ Choreographer Paul Becker Talks About Filming The Wedding Scene   3 comments

PC: You appear at the memorable wedding in TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1, do you not?
PB: [Laughs.] Yes. Actually, it was really funny – as you know, Bill Condon, the director, wrote CHICAGO and so he brought me in to choreograph TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1 and PART 2. And, so, I showed up on set and we were all having a good time, and, then, when I showed up on set for the last day of filming, where we were doing the big wedding scene, and I go into my trailer and I find there is a suit there. So, I say to the AD, “Why is there a suit in there?” and, she says, “Bill Condon wants you to get into wardrobe.” And, I say, “What?! What do you mean ‘wardrobe’?!” And, so I put on the suit and I go onset and Bill is there and he puts his arm around me and says, “I got you in CHICAGO and now I’m gonna put you in this one.” And, so, he put me in the scene.

PC: Was the dancing in TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN all Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, specifically in the wedding scene? That 360 camera shot is so sweeping and beautifully rendered.
PB: Oh, yeah. That was all them one hundred percent. We had rehearsal with them for that scene specifically. Also, there was a Steadicam pass that we did that was actually with Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene dancing and they were actually doing swing dancing and flipping around and all of that stuff, believe it or not! [Laughs.] They all had fun – we all had a lot of fun on that scene. I loved working on TWILIGHT.

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Robert Pattinson featured in Cineplex’s ‘Hollywood’s Most Stylish Young Actors’   1 comment

From Cineplex

And while cinema goers will be flocking to theatres to see the fellas take it all off, we can’t help but acknowledge a select group of guys that look equally h-o-t fully clothed. Because, let’s face it, the style of every heartthrob isn’t exactly on par with their stellar genetics: Exhibit A, Johnny Depp. So when a guy like Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield or Liam Hemsworth gets it right, he deserves some applause.

Robert Pattinson

With the final Twilight chapter nearly behind him, it’s time for Robert Pattinson to flex his acting muscles and show the world what he can really do. And we’ll be watching his wardrobe just as closely. If his latest showing in Cannes is any indication, this Cosmopolis star will keep us more than satisfied with his sharp and fashion-savvy choices


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Happy Birthday @Slowie !!   4 comments

From all the girls here at ToR: A very Happy Birthday and all the best wishes!

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