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Part 2 of Robert Pattinsons Interview With Malone’s Movie Minute from Cannes   Leave a comment

You can watch part 1 here



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Rob’s Rep Says He’s Looking Foward To Supporting ‘Cosmopolis’ – “No confirmed engagements have been canceled”   1 comment

ETA: There seems to be some confussion lately regarding Rob’s schedule, this is what we know so far:

From eOnline

A report earlier today claimed that Pattinson has ditched an unidentified press appearance for Cosmopolis. However, his rep insists Pattinson hasn’t canceled any of his commitments.

“Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting,” the rep said in a statement. “No confirmed engagements have been canceled. Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

The studio apparently had tentatively scheduled a press junket in L.A. for the movie over the Aug. 10 weekend, but the plans have now been scrapped, according to a studio rep.

From Gossip Cop

Robert Pattinson “just cancelled an upcoming U.S. press appearance to promote his film Cosmopolis,” reports ETOnline.
Interestingly, ETOnline makes no mention of which appearance Pattinson supposedly backed out of or when it was supposed to take place.
But Gossip Cop has learned the claim is a complete FABRICATION.


According to Jarett Wieselman, editor of ETOnline:

No word yet on whether or not Pattinson will appear at the premiere scheduled for August 13 in New York City, but he is still listed as attending the Times Talks on August 15.


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New/Old Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson from the Water for Elephants Premiere in New York   1 comment

Here are some new/old pics of Rob at the WFE Premiere in New York. Some of them might have been posted here & here

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More Info on the Cosmopolis US Release   Leave a comment

More info about the Cosmopolis US release according to @eOnefilms

Cosmopolis is set to open on August 17th in New York and LA, and on August 24th everywhere else in the US


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Breaking Dawn ‘Edward Cullen’ Brazilian Poster   2 comments

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12 Hours Left to Go Bid in Our Auction!   Leave a comment

There’s only 12 hours left to go bid in our auction. If you can help us out it would be greatly appreciated. It’s for a good cause :).

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Cosmopolis Reviews by ‘Shotgun Critic’ and Empire Magazine – Australia   3 comments

Shotgun Critic Review

You probably won’t like David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’. It’s a hard movie to enjoy. Two people walked out of this screening—and these guys get paid to watch movies. It’s dense, verbose and discusses capitalism through use of obtuse metaphors and, frankly, those are all big barriers if you’re not tuned in, caffeinated and invested (so to speak) in what’s going on. There’s also an inherent ugliness and unpleasantness to lead character, billionaire Eric Packer, offset by the angular and all-too-perfect Robert Pattinson – itself a brilliant bit of casting.

So yeah, you probably won’t like this movie – and I wouldn’t blame you. It’s a bitter pill and it knows it. David Cronenberg (Videodrome, eXistenZ), however, is in fine form here—and if you’re braced for the kind of experience he generally provides (that is, brooding and introspective examinations and taut, sometimes horrific, suspense), Cosmopolis is actually a fine film and utterly fascinating.

…As an adaptation of the equally unapproachable novel by Don DeLillo, Cronenberg made a few very wise decisions early on. One, this is Robert Pattinson’s hands-down best role. In the hands of a very capable director and a punishing script, Pattinson turns in a performance that channels a young Robert De Niro, New York twang and all. His performance is so understated and brilliant that, during moments where he breaks through this Wall Street gloss, he comes across as truly unhinged and monstrous. This is a frightening performance in the best ways and points towards a hell of a career ahead for Pattinson.

…Cosmopolis isn’t a humourless film, however. Amidst the bleak, there’s also levity – usually in the form of obtuse one-liners and a hilariously morbid slapstick attack late in the movie – and these moments are deeply appreciated to help counterbalance the dark core of the narrative.

…For one of the smartest films I’ve seen in a while, Cosmopolis is also one of the least outwardly enjoyable. That by no means makes it anything less than a great film however. But if you can stomach the loose poetry of the dialogue, heavy use of metaphor and occasionally lax pace, this will leave you thinking about its cultural commentary long after the curtains close.

4 Stars

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Empire Magazine

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New Picture of Robert Pattinson from Bravo magazine – Germany   3 comments

Robert Pattinson won the German Bravo Award for Best Actor (voted by fans)

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