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Emily Haines (Metric) talks about hanging out with Rob and working on two of his movies   1 comment

Jul. 10, 2012 – Metric’s Emily Haines discusses the band’s work on music for films like “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and “Cosmopolis” – and the coincidence that both movies star Robert Pattinson.

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We actually met him recently and we laughed about that, he’s a really good guy. We ended up hanging out at his house and having this like kind of, we were just like, ‘do we have this weird six degrees of separation, or less, one degree of separation from him’ but it’s a complete coincidence, it’s funny.Via

German ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Trailer   Leave a comment

Here’s the German trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (Biss zum Ende der Nacht, Teil 2) – Release date November 22, 2012


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Auctions Are Up For Douglas!   1 comment

The auctions have been put up on a site to help Douglas out! If you want to help out for a good cause check these links out! 

#1 Customized Twitter background or banner made by DreamySim1
#2 Who Magazine 
#3 TV Week Magazine 
#4 Fantasy – Best of Stars 
#5 Vanity Fair – 2011
#6 Water for Elephants poster made by DreamySim1
#7 Remember Me Script
#8 Thinking of Rob poster autographed by Robert Pattinson 
#9 Website design 
#10 Scrapbook
#11 Moose advent calendar

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Colton Haynes Speaks About Robert Pattinson Saying He’s “A Class Act”   1 comment

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*VIDEO* Cronenberg talks about Rob & Cosmopolis   Leave a comment

A small part from that interview of him talking about Rob was posted before.

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Interview: Robert Pattinson wants to play James Bond   1 comment

From TimesLive:

Robert Pattinson wants to take on the role of James Bond after 20 more years of experience in his acting career.

The 26-year-old star wants to play Ian Fleming’s iconic spy but thinks he’ll be perfect for the role in two more decades.

He confessed: “Yeah, I’d definitely like to go for Bond, but in more like 20 years. There’d be nothing worse than, like, ‘Let’s get a fresh-faced Bond!’ That would be the worst idea in the world. It would be ridiculous to reinvent it as some young posh kid.”

He continued: “After Daniel Craig you have to have some baggage. I’d have to be tortured in the first few scenes. I’d have to do the first film with one arm or something.”

The Twilight Saga star added that he is becoming more conscious about his health as he gets older.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I think 26 is the turning point. I’ve got to make up for 10 years of living like a degenerate. I’ve suddenly become conscious of being unhealthy.

“You’ve spent every bit of free time since the age of 15 in a pub. And suddenly you’re like: ‘Oh God, I don’t want to be this grey ghost sitting there with a pot belly. I’ve got to get it together’.”

Speaking about his new movie, Cosmopolis, Pattinson said he agreed to do it because it’s so “ridiculous”.

He said: “I think the script was so bizarre, we thought it was quite funny it was even getting made. Literally it’s totally ridiculous.”

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New Edward, Bella, & Jacob ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Calendar Promo Pictures   2 comments

According to PyramidInternational, the calendar should be available in the US on August 15, 2012. Promo picture cover of the 16-Month 2013 Calendar

ETA: An uncropped version and another new pic of the whole Cullen clan and Jacob added

ETA 2: 2 more images of the calendar added. (first 2)

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