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*New* Pic of Robert Pattinson With a Cosmopolitan Magazine and Short Interview   7 comments

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Hey girls, I met Robert Pattinson recently and as I promised I asked him some of your questions, that were submitted on’s Facebook page! Here are some Rob’s answers – and stay tuned because there is more to come!

Csomós Eliz:
How do you see each other with Kristen: have you changed since the shooting of the first Twilight movie, if yes then in what aspect?
Rob: She didn’t change much, she just got older. She always had the necessary self-confidence, a lot of people just didn’t notice that at the beginning. The only change I noticed is the fashion…When we first met fashion wasn’t really in the picture, she wasn’t exactly obsessed with it, it wasn’t like she couldn’t miss the Paris Fashion Week. So I didn’t expect this. These days everyone’s talking about how much she’s changed…and I don’t think she changed at all. Even when we were shooting the first Twilight movie she argued with the director, the producers and told them exactly what she wanted to do. She always had balls.

Cseke Rebeka:
Is it more difficult or easier to play a couple on-screen when you are together off-screen too?
Rob: It doesn’t mean anything. Okay, it doesn’t hurt that we like each other. But there are times when two actors hate each other and still can work together perfectly. What you see on the screen is a lot of times totally different from the real life. Of course it’s not ideal, if you hate each other. But your relationship doesn’t matter anyway, it’s neither an advantage nor a disadvantage because the two have nothing to do with each other.

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn Cast Interviews with   1 comment

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Spanish ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Trailer   Leave a comment

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Robert Pattinson’s Comic Con interview with On The Red Carpet   Leave a comment

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Great New Cosmopolis Review by City Connect   2 comments

Here’s great Cosmopolis review by City Connect

The director David Cronenberg has long been known for making films that are about, at their heart, the human body. Many people refer to his films such as Videodrome and Naked Lunch as part of the ‘body horror’ sub-genre. In actuality, Cronenberg is able to raise his films to a much more intellectual level than that.

With Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg marks a change of course. Instead of making a film about the body, his adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel is much more cerebral. Robert Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a billionaire businessman in a slightly futuristic New York City. Packer decides that he needs a haircut, and decides to take a white limo across town to a barber that he and his father have used for years. Along the way he has meetings in the limo with people who work for him, such as his art consultant (Juliette Binoche), his chief advisor (Samantha Morton), and several meetings with his estranged wife (Sarah Gadon). Along the way, Packer finds out that he’s losing money at a staggering rate, while his chief of security (Kevin Durand) informs him that a former employee (Paul Giamatti) has made a threat to kill him.

Considering all this, Cosmopolis moves at a surprisingly slow pace. Characters come and go from the limo (where the majority of the film takes place), after having conversations with Packer that make up scenes that last ten minutes. The final scene in the film when Packer confronts his homicidal ex-employee lasts almost twenty minutes. This is quite a daring thing to do, and should only really be done if the script is particularly superb, which in this case it certainly is. Cronenberg for the most part keeps the awkward and bizarrely crafted dialogue used in DeLillo’s novel. The characters speak in almost Pinter-esque ways, with a strange structure that pretty much strips it of all emotion.

Similarly in a Pinter-esque way, the events that take place outside the limo are almost treated like they don’t exist. At one point when Packer is talking to his chief advisor, the limo is attacked by a crowd rioting on the streets against capitalism. The graffiti and rock the limo from side to side, all the time Packer and his guest continue their conversation like it’s not even happening. The view from Packer’s limo is quite often of a world that looks artificial and manufactured.

Even the characters themselves come across as artificial beings. Robert Pattinson gives the best performance of his career as the mega rich Eric Packer. For want of a better analogy, Pattinson turns Packer into this vamperic character, who doesn’t react to anything that happens around him. He’s completely cut off emotionally, as are the rest of the characters. But in the case of Pattinson’s performance, it is more highlighting the soullessness of people who benefit the most from capitalism.

Herein lies the main point the film tries to make; the dangers of capitalism. Cosmopolis is set in the not so distant future, and considering the riots, and banks and businesses that only benefit the rich, this is rather timely. It is a bleak but still plausible vision of what the world will look like in twenty years’ time, maybe even less than that; a world filled with social uprising while the mega rich drive in their limos completely oblivious to it all.

Many people have criticised the film for not being emotionally engaging, but on the whole it does seem the point of Cronenberg’s film. He doesn’t want you to empathise with Packer, he wants you to see what the world is like around him, and try and figure out how it all connects to his own path of self-destruction. It is a superbly slick and stylish film, with a great cast led by the superb Robert Pattinson, and a truly unique script. Cronenberg tackles the difficult questions about capitalism, and with great intelligence and originality, leaves the audience with just enough room to try and figure out what is going on for themselves. In my opinion, the best film of 2012 so far.

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New Robert Pattinson interview with Associated Press – Comic Con 2012   1 comment

Starts at 0:58


*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn Cast interviews with Hollywire TV   1 comment


*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson Interview with Screenslam – Comic Con 2012   2 comments

BREAKING DAWN COMIC CON ROBERT PATTINSON (Exclusive Interview) – Robert Pattinson talked with us at the Comic-Con 2012 press line about the saga success, what the saga has meant to him and his reaction to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ending.

“The very end of the movie is very sentimental, I didn’t expect myself to react the way I did to it, Bill Condon did this amazing ending which is so sweet and anyone who’s had any kind of investment in the series you can really help but get emotional about it, so hopefully they’ll (the fans) like that.”

ETA: Mackenzie Foy talks about working with Rob and Kristen. Via @veronicapsuffy


*VIDEO* Full Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Comic Con Fan Panel in HD   3 comments

Here’s the full Breaking Dawn Comic Con Fan Panel in HD

Full Panel in HD from EatEditEtc

From GeekNation – same angle, but looks like its longer than the EatEditEtc – there are some missing questions on that one

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s interview with Yahoo! Movies – Comic Con 2012   Leave a comment

Starts at 2:12

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