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NEW Robert Pattinson wallpaper   Leave a comment

Rob and music… always a GREAT combination! Thanks to Kainat21 for this great wallpaper

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*VIDEO* more from Rob’s Cosmopolis On Set Interview   1 comment

Part of that video was posted before (here and here), but he talks a little more about filming Cosmopolis, just him and the camera inside the limo

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Robert Pattinson Interview With WirtschaftsWoche – Germany   Leave a comment

Translation – Thanks to @McAvoyDi for the translation 🙂

WirtschaftsWoche: Thanks to the “Twilight” movies you’re one of the big earners in the movie industry.
Pattinson: There you’re mistaken. This is greatly exaggerated.

But you have sufficient available financial resources to invest. What principles do you follow?
I do not have any, because I’m not very good at spending money or investing. I have simply no idea. Okay, I’ve spent money on a house, but I hardly use it because I travel so much.

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