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*SCANS* ‘Breaking Dawn: Part II’ in The Sunday Mirror   1 comment

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New Robert Pattinson Interview with San Francisco Chronicle   Leave a comment

From San Francisco Gate:

In some roles played over long periods, performers can find a way to make their character evolve, bend to their will. But in the glittering vampire world of “Twilight,” star Robert Pattinson found that some things really do last forever.

“It’s a strange character because there’s not too many places to go,” says Pattinson of much lusted-after, noble “vegetarian” vampire Edward Cullen. “He’s gonna be around forever, he can’t die, can’t get hurt, his emotions are quite fossilized as well. I think (series author Stephenie Meyer) mentioned this in a book: With vampires, once you start feeling one thing, it just stays like that for ages. Once he’s fallen in love with Bella, that’s it. There’s no other place to go but worrying about her.”

Pattinson looks fit, if surprisingly thin, and perfectly put together as he puffs on an electronic cigarette in this Four Seasons suite in Los Angeles. However, with the promotional blitz for the franchise’s final film – “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” – only just begun, he’s already sounding a touch weary, though unfailingly polite and willing to answer questions. Perhaps it’s the sound of a man with one more hill before the finish line.

“It’s a very strange character to play when you’re projecting absolutely every human emotion onto another human. You’re living vicariously through them. That’s why he’d almost become a noncharacter, up until the last two movies – ‘Breaking Dawn’ is when he suddenly realizes, ‘Oh, I have to actually live for myself. I’m not just living for her.’ He spends the first three books completely saying, ‘I don’t exist.’ I mean, that’s how I read it.

“I guess I made the boldest choices in the first one. I was really thinking, ‘How do I fix problems in my performance?’ “ He laughs at himself, then wistfully adds: “The first one was crazy; you could do anything you wanted. Entirely different thing.”

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*scans* Robert Pattinson in One Magazine – France, December 2012   3 comments

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Breaking Dawn part 2 World Premiere info   Leave a comment

Monday 12th november will be the day of the world premiere of Breaking Dawn part 2 in Los Angeles.

It starts at 4:30PM PT/ 7:30PM ET/ (12:30AM GMT/ 1:30AM CET tuesday morning)

Live Stream: