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New Video of Robert Pattinson at the London Breaking Dawn: Part II Premiere   Leave a comment


Pre-Order the ‘Cosmopolis’ US Blu Ray – Release Date January 1st   Leave a comment

From the Official Cosmopolis Facebook – Cosmopolis will also be available On Demand on December 18 (2 weeks before the release of the DVD and Blu Ray) – You can rent Cosmopolis on Walmart too

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s interview with Ticket (El Salvador) – LA Press Junket   Leave a comment

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New Breaking Dawn: Part II TV Spot ‘Love’   Leave a comment


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Listen to Breaking Dawn: Part II Score Excerpts   Leave a comment

From Carter Burwel:

The score album for  has been released. You can hear excerpts at my website

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*VIDEO* Italian Cosmpolis DVD/Blu-Ray Spots   Leave a comment



The DVD/Blu-Ray will be released on December 4th


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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson interview with The Celeb Factory – London Press Junket   Leave a comment


David Cronenberg mentions Rob and Cosmopolis in Total Film – January 2013 issue   Leave a comment

Were you happy with how Cosmopolis was received?

No, I would’ve liked it to have made half a billion dollars at the box office! [laughs] The movie was received like an art film, which is to say it did OK in the big cities. Naturally you always want the biggest audience you can get, just as long as it doesn’t cause you to compromise your moviemaking.

Why did you cast Robert Pattinson as limo-riding antihero Eric Packer?

Eric is in absolutely every scene, so you need an actor who is interesting and charismatic enough to look at for the entire movie. You want someone who can really come up with surprises and angles, and has a level of stardom that will support the movie. He also had to do a credible New York accent. All of that led me to Rob.

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