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New Rob and Kristen interview and pictures with Bild (Germany)   2 comments

The German premiere of the last part of the Twilight saga, “Breaking Dawn (release date: Thursday).

BILD: Are you happy that it’s over?
Kristen (22): “I’m happy that the love story is told. I feel liberated and I am free, but I do miss it at the same time. ”

BILD: What do you regret?
Robert (26): “There is a price, which you have to pay. You are 24 hours in the job, if you go out in public. ”
Kristen: “You’re trying to protect your life, but at the same time you also rob your life.”

BILD: How do you escape from your fame?
Robert: “Fame is like a prison. But I have family and old friends, who are my real world. ”
Kristen: “I have to build steel barriers around me. You get a very different view of life and people. You will be thrown out of your comfort zone, you’re apprehensive. But this fear is also a welcome feeling when you grow up, want to explore the world! ”

BILD: Your dreams and goals in life?
Robert: “I want to make a lot of films and get better.”
Kristen: “I don’t know what will happen in a year. I never know what to do before the decision is in front of me! ”

He smiles. She yawns. When they look at each other, it clicks in their eyes.

In Berlin, Kristen and Robert went bowling in the evening.

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*VIDEO* Rob, Kristen and Taylor interview with Moviejuice – London Press Junket   1 comment


*SCAN* Breaking Dawn: Part II in Screen magazine – Japan   Leave a comment

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Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson from the Breaking Dawn: Part II Premiere in London   2 comments

Here are some fan pics of Rob, Kristen and Taylor from the Breaking Dawn: Part II Premiere in London

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*VIDEO* Great trailer of all the movies in one: Twilight Saga Ultimate trailer 2012   5 comments

We’ve seen all the clips already but this trailer is great: All the movies in one trailer


*VIDEO* Rob talks about ‘The Rover’ and ‘Mission: Blacklist’ with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz   3 comments

Here’s a short clip of Rob talking about his new movie project ‘The Rover’ and ‘Mission: Blacklist’ with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz:

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From MTV:

As “Twilight” fades into the rearview mirror, Robert Pattinson’s future is looking very bright. Well, that’s not entirely true — when looking at one of Pattinson’s upcoming projects, “The Rover,” the future actually looks pretty bleak.

Pattinson stars alongside Guy Pearce in director David Michod’s “The Rover,” a futuristic Western set in the Australian desert. Pearce stars as Eric, a no-nonsense loner who loses his car and only remaining possessions when he’s robbed by a gang. Eric forcefully enlists one of the abandoned and wounded gang members, Rey (Pattinson), to help him track down the gang and get his belongings back at any cost. It’s a complicated and dangerous plot indeed, but it’s also one that Pattinson is more than happy to embrace.

“It’s a really tough script,” he told MTV News while promoting “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.” “I don’t really know, I don’t even know how to talk about it yet. It’s one of the best I’ve read. It’s one of my top five favorite scripts I’ve read since I started doing this. It’s really nerve-racking.”

Nerve-racking as “The Rover” is, it pales in comparison to the real-life dangers presented by “Mission: Blacklist,” Pattinson’s upcoming war movie based on the true story of Army interrogator Eric Maddox, who was involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein. The role requires Pattinson to film in Iraq, which understandably made his family members uncomfortable at first — but the actor thinks his loved ones are beginning to warm up to the idea.

“My parents seem to be coming around to it now,” he said with a laugh. “That’s strange. I don’t know what happened.”


Even More HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson in Berlin   1 comment

Even more HQ pics of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner at the Berlin Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere.

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson interview with dapd – Berlin Premiere   1 comment

Starts at 0:15