Our Cosmopolis Book Review + DVD is Released Today in the UK   1 comment

Casual murder. Prostate exams. Riots. What a ride. Literally.

Eric Packer is a 28 year old multi-billionaire asset manager. He lives in Manhattan.
We join him on what will become a particularly eventful day in his life.
When he woke up, he didn’t know what he wanted. Then he knew. He wanted a haircut.
As his stretch limousine moves across town, his world begins to fall apart. But more worryingly than the loss of his fortune is the realization that his life may be under threat.

“I’m a world citizen with a New York set of balls.”

Abstract and complicated, it’s certainly not my usual flavour of book. So why read it? Duh. Robert Pattinson. He stars in the movie adaptation, which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today in the UK! Yay! (Links below)

Packer/Rob is a ruthless, self-absorbed, detached control-freak who goes from wall street money-making hero to zero in less than a day, all the while looking over his shoulder waiting for the threats on his life to materialize..  and trying to get a damn haircut.

Faced with these life-shattering losses and his own mortality, he finds himself going to the edge, looking for a rush, a thrill, something that justifies living.

“It makes me feel free in a way I’ve never known”

It’s only when he spirals downward that you begin to see a vulnerable, broken side to him.  And he’s funny, too. I wouldn’t say you start to actually like him.. but you’re interested. You’re invested.

The dialogue is intense, kind of fascinating, and hard to follow at times, so sit up and pay attention! I’d be lying if I said I understood it all.
Its a highly visual story which is probably why most people I’ve seen discussing it agree it’s ripe for film.  It’s action filled, provocative, and full of crazy characters and bizarre situations. Having now seen the film, I can tell you that reading it will give you some insight in what to expect as it’s not your typical Hollywood offering. Don’t take this story at face value because the deeper you look, the more interesting it becomes.

If that doesn’t convince you to check it out, maybe Rob will: “I never read anything as interesting for years.

Thanks to ThinkJam for providing a copy of this book. Cosmopolis is out on DVD today in the UK. Buy in store or order below.

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