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New/Old pictures of Robert Pattinson with fans   Leave a comment



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David Michôd Talks About Casting Rob in The Rover and His Character   1 comment

‘The Rover’ director, David Michôd, talked about casting Rob and Guy and their characters in the movie. From the Cannes’ French Press Kit (click on the link to read the full interview and the press kit – in French)


How did you choose your actors?

I had Guy Pearce in mind from the beginning. We needed a man who was his age, who had a quiet and mysterious strength, who had is talent and his extraordinary attention to detail. I didn’t forget the pleasure I had working with him on Animal Kingdom. Rob (Pattinson) came later. We met, I liked him a lot and then he did some screen tests for me, awesome tests, full of life, never forced or artificial, and it was done. And there is something very exciting in having the opportunity to show the world that a star underestimated and reduced to a certain image actually has a wealth of unexploited talent. I quickly found out that Rob is a great actor. And I look forward to everyone can realize the same.

If Guy Pearce’s character is the “Rover”, how do you define Robert Pattinson’s?

He is also a “rover”. Guy is a rover in the sense of “wanderer”. But in classical English, “rover” is also used as affectionate term for a dog. Rob follows Guy everywhere, a bit like a lost dog would.

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Director Olivier Assayas mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview with ‘Les InRock’   1 comment

Director Olivier Assayas mentions working with Robert Pattinson on his next movie in an interview with ‘Les InRock’


The directeur Olivier Assayas was interviewed by the famous French newspaper ‘The Inrocks’ and he mentioned Rob, who apparently should star in his next movie.

Translation: “I see that in the United States, especially since the success of ‘l’Heure d’été’ and ‘Carlos’, I gained a relative notoriety, which sharpens the curiosity of some actors. In my next film, for example, will included Robert Pattinson.”

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NEW US & French Theatrical Posters for ‘The Rover’   Leave a comment

Here’s the US theatrical poster for ‘The Rover’ with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce




Here’s the French Poster for The Rover

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!   3 comments

We wanted to wish Rob a happy birthday from all of us!


And here’s a great video that Verenajj sent to us

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