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NEW Robert Pattinson interview with Verissimo   1 comment

It’s dubbed, but you can hear some things he says.

He talks about The Rover, how excited he was to play Rey, that he had know idea how to play him and talking to Michôd before filming about that. He says Rey is quite sad… quite funny (?)


New Videos from The Rover & Maps to the Stars standing ovation at Cannes   4 comments

The Rover

Maps to the Stars

thanks to @RP_France & @rpatzBkstewlove


Picture of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg in LA Times   2 comments

Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg appear on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Calendar section!



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Kellan Lutz talks about Robert Pattinson with Associated Press   1 comment


From AP

It’s great chatting with Rob and seeing his success,” Lutz said at a resort outside of Cannes this week. “I think one of the great things talking with Rob after we did ‘Twilight’ stuff is he just doesn’t care about the money. He’s doing good work and he wants to work with great directors and great actresses and actors and working with great material, as we all should.”

“I think that the blessing of being part of the ‘Twilight’ franchise is it’s given us this safety net,” he added.

Lutz has taken more action roles, which he calls his passion, since the “Twilight” films wrapped, while Pattinson has gravitated to edgier projects. Lutz said he believes an Academy Award is in Pattinson’s future.

He has the chops and he’s doing what he loves to do and I’m so proud of him for everything that he’s doing,” he said.

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Guy Pearce talks The Rover and Robert Pattinson with ‘The Daily Beast’   1 comment

Guy Pearce talked a little about Rob while discussing ‘The Rover’ with The Daily Beast


Your uneasy relationship with Robert Pattinson jump-starts the narrative.
Yeah, he was lovely and I was so impressed with what he did in the film. I was touched by the vulnerability of his character. He’s almost like a little kid or a vulnerable animal that needs to be looked after. You can’t help but empathize with him. And then it meant that I knew the power that I, as Eric, could exert over him—even in the few first moments when I speak to him. I just let him know that he means nothing to me. I guess I’m trying to deny what he does mean to me and I end up having to take him with me to find his brother. I just have to let him know that he means nothing to me, personally. It’s a way of him asking if we can connect and me more or less responding “absolutely no way.”

You can read Guy’s full interview (a very good one) at the source

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