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Master Post: The Rover & Maps to the Stars at CANNES Film Festival   6 comments


Robert Pattinson is heading to Cannes for new movies ‘The Rover’ and ‘Maps to the Stars.’
Stay up to date with this master post which will feature links to all the latest posts.

MAY 18: THE ROVER Photocall/Premiere: 

Photocall: Video | Screencaps | Pics | HQ Pics

Premiere: Video | Screencaps | Pics | HQ Pics | The Rover Dinner Party | Arriving

Cannes Portraits

Reviews:  Press Screening

MAY 19: MAPS TO THE STARS Photocall/Interview/Press Conference:

Photocall: Video | HQ Pics | Screencaps | Fan/MQ Pics 

Cannes Official Interview: Video & Screencaps | Photos

Cannes official press conference: Video | HQ Pics | Screencaps | Fan & MQ Pics



Pics | Screencaps | HQ Pics | Video | Afterparty

Le Grand Journal Appearance (20th): Video | HQ Pics | Screencaps | Fan/Media Pics

Reviews: Press Screening

Interviews, Articles, and Appearances: Vanity Fair-Armani PartyPress Junket Photos (Rover)  | Press Junket Photos 2Sandra & Co Party | The Rover Pre Screening Party |RTL FR | Le JT | TG5 (Rover) | Metro News | Europe 1 | France 2 | BFMTV | M6 | The Wrap | On Set Interview (MTTS) | First Coast News | AP | Le Parisien | Magazine Covers | France Inter | USA Today | La Nouevel Observateur | Cine Series & Cie | MTTS On-Set 2 | Vanity Fair | Indiewire (Rover) | LA Times (MTTS) | Les InRocks TV | BBC America| HitFix | ET Canada (Rover) | Verissimo | Sydney Morning Herald | Scoop with Raya | Hello Magazine | TF1 News | At the Movies | Les Inrockuptibles | X Style (ITA) | HFPA | IMDB | BBC | MTV UK

*NEW* Pictures of Robert Pattinson at Vanity Fair and Armani Party   3 comments

Here are some great photo’s taken during the Vanity Fair and Armani party on May 17th (here with Liam Hemsworth and Gael Garcia Bernal):



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Cannes Schedule: ‘The Rover’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’ – Times & Links   Leave a comment


The Rover – Photocall
We expect that ‘The Rover’ photocall tomorrow will be around 11:30AM CET – 12:00PMCET (5:30AM ET – 6AM ET). (Today, The Salvation, another Cannes’ Midnight Screenings like The Rover, had it’s photocall around 11:30AM CET (5:30AM ET), so we expect the same time for The Rover. This is not confirmed)

‘The Rover –  Cannes Premiere
Screening starts at 10:30PM CET (4:30PM ET) and the stars are expected to arrive at the red carpet at 10PM CET (4PM ET)

Maps To The Stars’ press screenings at 7PM CET (1PM ET) and 10:30PM CET (4:30PM ET)


Maps To The Stars – Photocall:
Photocall starts at 12PM CET (6AM ET)

Maps To The Stars – Interview:
Cannes official interview starts at 12:15PM CET (6:15AM ET)

Maps To The Stars – Press Conference:
Cannes offical press conference starts at 12:30PM CET (6:30AM ET)

Maps To The Stars – Cannes Premiere:
Screening starts at 10:30PM CET (4:30PM ET) and the stars expected to arrive at the red carpet at 10PM CET (4PM ET)

Live Stream

Youtube (Canal+):
(You can choose English or France).
Dailymotion (Orange):

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Director Werner Herzog mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview   2 comments

Werner Herzog, Director of ‘Queen of the Desert’, talks vampire movies and mentions Robert Pattinson in his interview with The Playlist.


From The Playlist

Herzog claims that cinema has “a very unique way” of dealing with the vampire myth, and while his high esteem for Kinski’s legacy has barred him from considering most future iterations, a surprising exception is the “Twilight” series of films. His reaction? “Not that bad, I was surprised to find.”

“We have to take it seriously that there are films out there that know how to address a 14 or 15-year-old,” he added. “This is a very special sort of approach and I couldn’t do it, yet these films could. I see that much of it is silly but at the same time I respect these films. And I just worked with one of the actors, Robert Pattinson [in Herzog’s upcoming ‘Queen of the Desert’], and he’s a wonderful, fine actor. He’s clearly stepping out of these roles that make the teenies screech.”

Read the rest of the interview here

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‘The Rover’ Cannes Press Screening – Reviews + Media Reactions   3 comments


Here are some reviews and media reactions from the ‘The Rover’ Press Screening this morning


From Variety

Tipping its hat to George Miller’s “Mad Max” trilogy while striking a more somber, introspective tone, Michod’s sophomore feature isn’t exactly something we’ve never seen before, but it has a desolate beauty all its own, and a career-redefining performance by Robert Pattinson that reveals untold depths of sensitivity and feeling in the erstwhile “Twilight” star. A commercial challenge due to its mix of explicit violence, measured pacing and narrative abstractions, the pic should earn the warm embrace of discerning genre fans and further establish Michod as one of the most gifted young directors around. Pearce is fiercely impressive here as a man who gave up on the human race even before the latest round of calamities, and if there are occasional glimpses of the kinder, gentler man he might once have been, we are more frequently privy to his savage survival instincts. But it’s Pattinson who turns out to be the film’s greatest surprise, sporting a convincing Southern accent and bringing an understated dignity to a role that might easily have been milked for cheap sentimental effects. With his slurry drawl and wide-eyed, lap-dog stare, Rey initially suggests a latter-day Lennie Small, but he isn’t so much developmentally disabled as socially regressed — an overprotected mama’s boy suddenly cast to the wolves — and Pattinson never forces or overdoes anything, building up an empathy for the character that’s entirely earned. He becomes an oasis of humanity in this stark, forsaken land.

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David Michôd Talks About The Rover & Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment


“Red-hot Australian director David Michod garnered universal acclaim for debut Animal Kingdom. The director returns with thriller The Rover starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in the story of a loner who tracks the gang that stole his car from a desolate town in the Australian outback with the forced assistance of a wounded man left behind in the wake of the theft. FilmNation handles international sales.

How concerned were you about casting Robert Pattinson – an actor best known as the face of a teen franchise – in one of the two lead roles? Did his performance surprise you?

I loved the idea of it. I knew, even from my first meeting with him, before I even knew that The Rover was going to be my next film, that Rob had something far more interesting to offer than his work to date would suggest. And the prospect of giving a very recognizable performer the opportunity to do something right outside the parameters of people’s general expectations is exciting.

Rob didn’t exactly surprise me because I knew he could do what I was asking him to do – he’s a great actor and I wouldn’t have cast him otherwise. I’m pretty sure, however, that everyone else is going to be surprised by his performance because it’s about as far away from everything he’s done before as you can get.


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