Director Werner Herzog mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview   2 comments

Werner Herzog, Director of ‘Queen of the Desert’, talks vampire movies and mentions Robert Pattinson in his interview with The Playlist.


From The Playlist

Herzog claims that cinema has “a very unique way” of dealing with the vampire myth, and while his high esteem for Kinski’s legacy has barred him from considering most future iterations, a surprising exception is the “Twilight” series of films. His reaction? “Not that bad, I was surprised to find.”

“We have to take it seriously that there are films out there that know how to address a 14 or 15-year-old,” he added. “This is a very special sort of approach and I couldn’t do it, yet these films could. I see that much of it is silly but at the same time I respect these films. And I just worked with one of the actors, Robert Pattinson [in Herzog’s upcoming ‘Queen of the Desert’], and he’s a wonderful, fine actor. He’s clearly stepping out of these roles that make the teenies screech.”

Read the rest of the interview here

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2 responses to “Director Werner Herzog mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview

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  1. Just thought I’d mention that Breaking Dawn Part 1 gets it’s network premiere on British TV next week on Channel 4. The cable channel Film 4 has been showing the Twilight movies for the last three weeks, Awesome.

  2. Herzog’s does not understand that Robert Pattinson’s supporters come in all ages..
    The young ones yell and the older ones spend the money on any and everything RP.

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