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Robert Pattinson talks about Hollywood’s reaction to ‘Maps To The Stars’ with LA Times   2 comments

The LA Times talked to the ‘Maps To The Stars’ cast & crew about Hollywood’s reaction to the movie. Rob was surprised at some reactions.

In the end of the article, the LA Times mentions that ‘Maps To The Stars’ will screen at another festival, likely TIFF. Here are Rob’s comments:


The Los Angeles-based trades Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, have given it tepid reviews, in part citing it as being “severely negative,” while the foreign press has been more kind. The film’s producer, Bruce Katz, says this is not a coincidence, wondering if it hit a little too close to home for Hollywood-oriented publications.

Pattinson, who after the “Twilight” series has been on his share of big Hollywood sets, said he was surprised at some of the naysayers.

“Are people saying it’s mean?” he asked when told of some early reactions, adding, “The child actor part felt very real. Almost every set I’ve been on has had someone like that.”

Asked about his experiences with some of the more narcissistic portrayals, he said, “Well, Hollywood attracts crazy people, and then you add a lot of money, so…” his voice trailing off.


“Maps” will screen again at a festival, likely in Toronto, before opening in the U.S. in the fall via the Canadian-based independent distributor eOne.

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David Michôd talks about Robert Pattinson with IndieWire   2 comments

David Michod talks about meeting & casting Rob, Cannes and Reynolds

PATTINSONLIFE-C2014-171 (79)

Having Robert Pattinson by your side no doubt increased the amount of flashes going off on the red carpet the other night.
Yeah, there were moments where I realized that none of them were actually pointing at me [laughs].


It does boast the lightest scene of Cannes, where Pattinson’s character sings along to a Keri Hilson jam alone in a car.
You’re the first person to bring that up! I kind of half expected it would be a thing. When I was doing press for “Animal Kingdom” every press person would ask me about “All Out of Love.”

What went into selecting that song?
One of the things that was challenging for this movie was it was set in a period of the future, so it makes musical choices really kind of difficult. I’d imagine that maybe there’s a sense that pop is still some kind of functioning genre, like the equivalent to classic rock. I wanted at that point in the movie to remind people that Rob’s character is a lost kid, one who in different circumstances would have favored pop songs. I just wanted that moment in the film to be a strong reminder of the fact that he just wants to be a kid.

About his performance, he’s a true revelation in “The Rover.” What led you to cast him?
It was a meeting. I still haven’t seen the “Twilight” films. I don’t feel I need to. I had a meeting with him before I knew I was going to make “The Rover,” and found him instantly beguiling.

Why did you meet with him if you weren’t familiar with his work?
I’d seen nothing. It’s that weird thing that happens after a movie you’ve made has gotten some attention — you go on a billion blind dates. And this was one of them. I didn’t really know anything about him, but I really liked him. He was really smart, funny and open. He seemingly had great taste. He had a really interesting and eclectic knowledge of cinema. When it came time to cast for “The Rover,” I just had this weird feeling that he was the one I wanted to see the most. Fortunately he really wanted to do the movie.

I mean I put him through the wringer. We worked for three of four hours during our camera test, but I felt I knew within the first few minutes that I found the guy for the character. The next few hours were just us exploring. He helped me find the character.

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New Robert Pattinson interview with Vanity Fair   1 comment

New Robert Pattinson interview with Vanity Fair

From Vanity Fair

Robert Pattinson knows a thing or two about the price of fame, so it’s worth listening when he says he worries about the child stars he meets in Hollywood. “When you see these kids, there is only one way: you either get in therapy now or become a serial killer, or kill yourself. I mean, you can see it really early on—it’s terrifying.”

VF Hollywood: David Michôd has talked a lot about the back story for The Rover, which is set “10 years after the collapse.” How much did he tell you about your character?

Robert Pattinson: Well, not a lot. I kept questioning that aspect of it. “What is this economic collapse? I want to know the details about it.” Then I realized it didn’t really make any difference to my character.

Guy Pearce’s character refers to your character as a “half-wit.” Were you playing him as someone with a real disability, or just someone who hasn’t been that well educated?

I was thinking he’s almost like someone who’s been told there is something wrong with him and there actually isn’t—but he has been told there is so many times that he has just sort of accepted it.

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New pictures of Robert Pattinson from the official Maps to the Stars interview at the Cannes Film Festival   2 comments

Here are new pics of Robert Pattinson and the Maps to the Stars cast during their official interview at Cannes Film Festival


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*VIDEO* New on set interview of Robert Pattinson talking about Maps To The Stars   4 comments

Great on set interview with giggling Rob:

CLICK HERE or the image to watch at the source

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-21 om 16.06.56

Here is another interview where he talks about Jerome



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*VIDEO* New interview: Robert Pattinson talks to Ciné Séries & Cie   1 comment

Rob and Guy talk about the Rover:


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