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The Childhood of a Leader, The Lost City of Z & Queen of the Desert Update   Leave a comment

Here’s an update of Robert Pattinson’s future movie projects


Director Brady Corbet talks about ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ source


Binoche also stars in Corbet’s The Childhood Of A Leader in late fall with Robert Pattinson and Tim Roth. For Sils Maria, his interaction with the actress created “this kind of meta thing that Olivier appreciates,” he says of his friend.

The WME-repeed Corbet tells me Childhood Of A Leader is about a little boy who relocates to France with his family in 1919. His father is a political advisor to Woodrow Wilson about seven months in the run up to the Treaty of Versailles. He calls it, “My version of a horror film. Instead of being possessed by a demon, the little boy is possessed by notions of the era.”

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Review: Studio CineLive about Maps To The Stars   Leave a comment

Studio Cinelive magazine dedicates an interview to David Cronenberg. Moreover there are two articles about Maps To The Stars:

In short: it says Rob will show more than his pretty face, that Cronenberg is going back to his roots, the cast is pretty good and that Julianne’s performance is probably gonna be the best out of all her already amazing performances.

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‘World Film Locations: Toronto’ Author Tom Ue talks about choosing Robert Pattinson & Cosmopolis for the cover   1 comment

From Tribute:

World Film Locations: Toronto by editor/author Tom Ue is the latest in a series of books that focuses on a city that has been the location of a number of well-known films. Tom, who was born in Toronto, now lives in London, England, where he works at Oxford. He did an extensive amount of research for the book and in his opening piece, Toronto: City of the Imagination, he talks about the earliest recorded film footage of Toronto, shot in 1904. The book goes from early Toronto-filmed features right through to the recent Pacific Rim (2013). Favorite shooting locations such as Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto Harbor, Eaton Centre, CN Tower, The Distillery District, Don Jail and more are featured, including photos from each location as well as stills from the movies. Tom, who has previously worked as an accredited journalist at the Toronto International Film Festival, graciously answered our questions about this exciting new book.



How did you choose Robert Pattinson/Cosmopolis for the cover?

Early in the production process, we knew we wanted to showcase David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis both because it is a great Cronenberg film and because it emblemizes some of the key themes about identity and representation that the book explores. Robert Pattinson’s links to Canadian cinema and Toronto as a city are further realized through his starring in Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars (2014) and Anton Corbijn’s Life (2015). He is a fantastic actor with phenomenal range.

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Robert Pattinson on the cover of Snatch Magazine – NEW photos + translation   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson is on the cover of Snatch Magazine. The issue will be out tomorrow. The new photo of Rob seems to be from the Cannes portraits back in 2012. 


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Director Olivier Assayas mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview with Studio Cine Live   Leave a comment

Assayas mentioned Rob again in a different interview. This time with Studio Cine Live:



“These young guys deserved to be known. By the way, I’ll likely shoot my next movie with Robert Pattinson.”

Scans and Translation | via RPLife

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