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*NEW* The Rover Official Site – with New still   1 comment

The Rover’s official site has been updated! It looks AMAZING!

A24 Films not only added the usual “pictures”, “videos” and “credits” sections that we usually see in movie sites, but created a whole new future in the Timeline of the Colapse and Remapping the Future sections. Very impressive!

The site also features a new still and a couple others in better quality (scroll this post for the new stills) and a list of theaters that will be showing The Rover in the US (we included the list at the bottom of our post here).

Here’s how the new site looks:


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New portrait of Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd from Cannes   Leave a comment




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New pictures of Robert Pattinson from Cannes Film Festival   Leave a comment

Here are new pictures of Robert Pattinson from Cannes



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Guy Pearce talks about Robert Pattinson in two interviews   Leave a comment

Guy Pearce talks about Robert Pattinson with Yahoo Celebrity and 20 Minutes

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From Yahoo Celebrity (Read the full interview at the source)

Q: How aware of Robert Pattinson were you before the film and how was it working with him?
PEARCE: I was very aware of his fame, and I had only seen him for Water for Elephants, which I really enjoyed, and I really enjoyed him in it. That head is just incredible really isn’t it? That face really. And the sensitivity, it’s a beautiful sensitivity. And when David mentioned that he was interested in him for the role, and I went, ‘Oh wow, okay,’ because I think the vulnerability was something that was really crucial for me as far as I was concerned. And I didn’t want it to be, not that I am a big brute of a guy, but I didn’t want it to be too equal; I wanted it to be obviously top heavy, so that people would feel sorry for him if I really took it out on him. And I wasn’t aware of how good he was going to be, to be honest. Not that I didn’t think he would be, but certainly, on that second day, when I was watching some stuff on the monitor, and he did that scene where he crawled out of the truck and he was sitting against the tree at the beginning and he had just been shot and watching the way he was sort of trying to work out how he was going to deal with this situation, I just found it heart-breaking. So it was a great moment for me, to be honest and it just got better and better as far as I was concerned. So, it was exciting because one, you forget about all the fame business and you concentrate on the work that you are doing, but just to kind of work with somebody who is really delivering is fabulous, it’s always been inspiring.

Q: Are you glad you never quite experienced that level of fame? There were years where you were
pretty well known… But it wasn’t that sort of thing. Are you glad you didn’t have to deal with that in your career?
PEARCE: Yeah, I haven’t had to deal with it. I would certainly enjoy the benefits that come with it, as far as being offered great roles all the time, and all that sort of stuff and I am sure that’s fabulous. But the sh*t you have got to deal with at the same time I reckon is pretty full on. It’s amazing how he deals with it.

Q: He seems very natural and easy-going.
PEARCE: Yeah, he’s funny and he has a good sense of humour, but I think it gets to him totally. But interestingly, and not that he actually says this, but he wants to prove himself as a good actor. All of us do, all of us want to be able to do good work and I think he sees that stuff, all that Twilight stuff, and goes blech, whatever.

From 20 Minutes (Read the full interview at the source)

20 minutes: And Robert Pattinson?
Guy Pearce: I spent the time on set eating sand with him, it creates links! Seriously, I was amazed by his talent and sense of adventure. He doesn’t hesitate to make himself look ugly and try things. It is not a only a lmovie star: he has the makings of a great actor.

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NEW Robert Pattinson’s Interviews with Direct Matin & A Nous Paris – France   1 comment


ETA: A Nous Paris (you can check the scans at Robert Pattinson France) has an interview with Rob that is the same of Direct Matin interview with a few differences (probably because of the translation). They have an extra question about Life and James Dean. Here’s the translation:

You’re not the one who plays James Dean?
No, it’s Dane Dehaan but it’s funny because there’s similarities to my path, with the fact that everything happened in 2 months, between the moment where he was no one and this incredible success that was dropped on him. The famous picture where we see him smoke at Times Square, it

Teen icon at the beginning of his career, Robert Pattinson definitely settled himself in the Hollywood landscape. In ‘The Rover’ by David Michiôd, he plays a simple minded guy forced to work with his enemy to find his brother in the Australian desert. It’s a controlled shift the British actor admits it was made possible thanks to his meeting with David Cronenberg.

Was it the world of ‘The Rover’ or its character that sparked your interest first in the project?
I found the script really interesting but I had a really strong connection first with my character, especially the way he express himself. I had never seen a character like this before.

Was it difficult to play someone who’s simple minded?
Not at all, it came naturally (laughs). I approached him like a beaten up street dog that would keep on going back to his master for a little bit of affection.

The film imagines a ruined world by men’s madness. Do you think this is where we’re heading with our society?This could happen but I’m more optimistic than that. I have more faith in humanity. In ‘The Rover’, men aren’t completely lost, they all didn’t become mad. Some still have hope and try to revive the Earth. But this economic collapse is totally conceivable.

You play, one after the other, in two movies ‘against the system’: ‘Maps to the Stars’ and ‘The Rover’, are you engaged in politically?
I’m more or less liberal.It’s hard to be an actor and not be liberal by the way. Maybe we should be more worried about the oceans but I don’t take politics very seriously. When you see that most Western countries are under the leadership of a handful of multinational companies, it seems like voting is some kind of a joke.

From teens’ sex symbol to an actor seeked by the biggest directors, what was the secret to your career change?

It took some time. It’s been 4-5 years that I’ve tried to create priviledged relationships with directors whose work I’ve admired and it appeared that things settled at the same time. ‘Cosmopolis’ changed everything. Ever since my meeting with David Cronenberg, my career took a new turn.

You were in Cannes with two movies: ‘The Rover’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’ by David Cronenberg.
It’s one of the most exhilarating places to screen a movie. There’s an incredible energy that dominates over there. I like doing press at Cannes. The journalists are actually interested in the movies and don’t ask you questions like ‘What’s your favorite food?’ In France, journalists love the cinema.

You just finished filming Werner Herzog’s movie ‘Queen of the Desert’ about the spy, Gertrude Bell. Who do you play in it?
I play the young Lawrence of Arabia. He was a close friend of Gertrude Bell during WWI.

You also play the photographer, Dennis Stock in ‘Life’ by Anton Corbijn.
We just got done shooting. I saw the trailer the other day. I play this guy who photographed James Dean right before he became famous. James was unknown at that time.

What else do you have planned?
In November, I’m working with Olivier Assayas in a movie called ‘Idol’s Eye’. It’s a gangster movie on the true story of a group of thieves who robbed a pawnbroker’s shop that belonged to the mafia. It takes place in the 1970s. I met Olivier Assayas two and a half years ago but the project only came to be a few months ago.

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New Interview of Robert Pattinson with RTL “Laisser Vous Tenter” (Audio and transcript)   1 comment

CLICK HERE or the image to listen at the source:

(starts at about 3:50)

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-04 om 10.26.33

Thanks to LeRPattzClub for the transcript:

It’s Robert Pattinson who is playing amazing this low mind

Rob: He’s always been treated as someone who has a low mind by all the people surronding him so he never had to take any kind of responsability. it’s the same thing when he kills people. For him it’s not real. He doesn’t understand what’s happening and it’s like a game. No one is nice towards him so since no one takes care of him , he doesn’t care about anything. The importance of killing someone doesn’t matter

At the end of the interview, they said Rob could play in another saga. he could play a younger version of Indiana Jones in the 5th sequel.

But this info is to be taken with a grain of salt