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Master Post: Robert Pattinson – The Rover Promo   5 comments


Robert Pattinson is attending Sydney Film Festival for new movie ‘The Rover’, as well as the LA premiere.
Stay up to date with the latest promo with this master post.

JUNE 7: THE ROVER Australian Premiere:

Red Carpet:
Pictures | HQ Pics |Video

Photocall: HQ Pics

Press Conference: Pics | Quotes

JUNE 8: ‘Inside The Rover’ Q&A

Inside the Event:
HQ Pics | Fan Pics & Tweets | Video


JUNE 12: LA Premiere:

Red Carpet: HQ Pics | Fan PicsVideo
Press Conference:
Pics | video
Press Junket: Pics | Pics

Jimmy Kimmel: Pics | Arriving/Leaving | Video | screencaps | Fan



Good Morning America: Pics | Pics | Pics | Video | Stills | Fan Pics

Late Night w/Seth Meyers: Stills | Pics | Selfie!

Other appearances/Interviews:
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The Rover: NEW Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce Interview + BTS Featurette With New Scenes   Leave a comment

New The Rover Interview and  BTS Featurette With New Scenes

EW | Youtube Via

*VIDEO* New Interview of Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce with ‘The Fix’   1 comment



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NEW pictures of Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd at Vivid Festival Sydney   Leave a comment

NEW pictures of Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd at Vivid Festival in Sydney

Click on the pictures for UHQ



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‘The Rover’ Brochure   Leave a comment

Here’s a brochure from ‘The Rover’ press conference



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*VIDEO* interview Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce with The Project – australia   1 comment

NEW BTS footage from the Rover set in this interview:


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Quotes from the Rover Press Conference   1 comment


“On working on Australian films, this is for you Rob…. the Australian industry has a reputation for being among the hardest working in the world, how was your experience with it?”

Rob: “I think it was a really special crew, it was quite harsh where we were but, also just having everyone on location as well and kind of no-one to my knowledge really fell out with each other, (laughs) yes it was amazing.” 

Rob: “I was trying to get into Australian movies for a long time before I did this, I’m not sure why … I think it’s a confident and vibrant film industry.. and vital. I had a really great experience.”

From Daily Mail:

Working in 50 degree temperatures in the Australian Outback didn’t exactly make for easy filming conditions on the set of Robert Pattinson’s new film The Rover, but the 28-year-old star got through it by drinking alcohol.
The British actor’s fellow leading man in the Australian movie – Guy Pearce – has revealed that Pattinson ‘handled himself really well’ in the harsh environment, even with the booze.
‘He drank more vodka than I advised him to drink,’ said Pearce, 46.

A good-humoured Pattinson chuckled while sipping a cup of tea on stage in Sydney at a press conference talking about The Rover on Friday.

This is going to be the only thing that comes out of this now,’ said the former Twilight Saga star.
‘My “drinking problem”.’
Pearce was quick to cover his tracks, jumping in with the line: ‘There was no vodka.’
Pattinson arrived in Australia on Thursday morning to promote the film from David Michod, with the Animal Kingdom director joining him on stage with producers Liz Watts and David Linde.

Pattinson has been receiving rave reviews for his performance out of the Cannes film festival, with critics calling it a career redefining turn.
The Cosmopolis actor said he has gotten a laugh out of reading the descriptions about his character Rey, who is American and speaks with a strong Southern twang.
I’ve loved reading the reviews, saying that I’ve done a terrible Australian accent.’

Press Conference Report from The Sydney Morning Herald

There is something “incredibly serene” and “strangely mystical” about the harsh Australian desert, says Robert Pattison, whose latest film The Rover was shot in the harsh conditions of South Australia’s Flinders Rangers.

Appearing in Sydney alongside his co-star Guy Pearce, and director David Michod to promote the film’s Australian tour, Pattinson said The Rover had fulfilled a long-standing dream of his to work on an Australian movie.

I was trying to get into Australian movies for a long time before I got this [role]. It was a really special crew,” he said.

Set in an anarchical future ravaged by the collapse of the global financial system, The Rover sees Pattinson’s character Rey form an unlikely friendship with Eric, a guarded and angry drifter, played by Pearce.

The Brit hinted that the on-location shoot was a welcome respite from the unrelenting paparazzi, whose prying cameras he has struggled to escape since the blowout success of the Twilight juggernaut.

I really liked it … being able to look to the horizon and see nothing,” he said.

For Guy Pearce, it was a case of the Australian outback beckoning his return, having been well-acquainted with the desert’s severe conditions in Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But Pearce said Pattison needed no guidance on how to handle himself, and jokingly added that “he probably drank a little more vodka than I’d advise.”

Despite the film’s bleak premise, heavy survivalist themes and the exacting surrounds, Pearce said the atmosphere on set remained upbeat.

“It wasn’t really a heavy shoot … David’s got a good sense of humour and we had quite a good fun time on set.”

Short Interview with Robert Pattinson in VSD Magazine (France) – Scan + Translation   Leave a comment


Scan and translation thanks to Le Rpattz Club

A Hardworking Pupil

The former vampire of The Twilight Saga was one the starS in Cannes where he presented The Rover, a radical road movie.

“I’m starting to like it”. Outside, a huge wind is sweepinp across La Croisette. But this time, Robert Pattinson is not responsible. They are real blast of winds that are trying to destroy the tent that has been set up on the terrace in the Palais des Festivals. The actor will trigger off a tornado in the evening while he was going up the stairs for the midnight screening of The Rover. Since the selection of Cosmopolis last year [in 2012], Pattinson feels at home in Cannes “When I saw the reactions to the film, I thought I was on the right path. I started to be recognized as a true actor, not as the Twilight hearthrob anymore.”

However we won’t see The Rover as a mere excuse to achieve it. The movie made by the Asutralian director, David Michôd, known for Animal Kingdom, should stay as one of the striking alien movie this year. We discover an Australia burdened by an economic apocalypse, a guy (Guy Pearce who is aweseome) angered by the robbery of the only thing he had: his car. The quest to get it back becomes an obsession. And the corpses are going to add up. We think a lot to Mad Max, another post apocalyptic australian delirium and we are admirative in front of the project’s radicalism. (A few words but a lot of driving). Nihilism to which Pattinson, with rotten teeth, contributes. We’ll soon find him with another crazy director, Werner Herzog “I will never deny the Twilight era. But I love the cinema. I’m currently buying tons and tons of DVDs, in order to improve my movie culture. In front of Herzog, I behaved like a fan. I still have a lot to learn.”



*NEW INTERVIEW* Robert Pattinson talks to News Australia   1 comment

PATTINSONLIFE060614-2 (13)

“It’s not really about the physicality,’’ said the former Twilight heart-throb today ahead of the red carpet premiere of dystopian Outback thriller The Rover at the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday night.

“Those leading guy roles are all extremely confident characters and I am just not confident. I would feel weird faking that confidence.

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