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New Robert Pattinson interview with ‘The Huffington Post’   Leave a comment

New Robert Pattinson interview with ‘The Huffington Post’

PATTINSONLIFE-TRA2014 (6)Robert Pattinson is tired.

The 28-year-old has spent the better part of the last month doing press for David Michôd’s “The Rover,” a slow-burn thriller that’s caked in equal parts dirt, dried blood and nihilism. Pattinson has appeared on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. He’s done interviews with BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, Indiewire, Jimmy Kimmel and, now, The Huffington Post. “It was good in theory,” Pattinson said of the press gauntlet, before trailing off.

Fortunately, the performance Pattinson is promoting is one of his best yet. He plays Rey in “The Rover,” a simple-minded criminal who gets left for dead by his brother in post-apocalyptic Australia and then goes on a journey of revenge with Eric (Guy Pearce), a man also wronged by Rey’s sibling.

“I think lots of people want to do stuff that’s relatable, and I want to do stuff that’s unrelatable,” Pattinson said of his career outlook in general. “I don’t think I have particularly normal emotional reactions to things. So trying to play someone who is just a normal guy … I don’t really know how to do it.”

HuffPost Entertainment spoke to Pattinson at the Bowery Hotel in Manhattan about “The Rover,” his relationship with tabloid media and the never-ending cycle of rumors about his career.

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview with Moviepilot – LA Press Junket   1 comment

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In The Rover, Guy Pearce plays a man in post-apocalyptic Australia pursuing the thieves who stole his car and left him with nothing. On the way, he picks up a man (Robert Pattinson) who gets separated from the family of carjackers, and that’s when it all really begins.

I knew a video interview with the cast and director of The Rover would be short, but I had a few questions I wanted to get in there and ask. Mainly, Robert Pattinson has been rumored to be in the running for a reboot of Indiana Jones, and he humored me when I asked him to compare it to Edward Cullen from Twilight. And I was curious to know what Guy Pearce thought of the violence of the film. Director David Michod sat between them as we discussed the film’s themes and practicalities – and how loud prop guns really are.


*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview with Fox 411   Leave a comment

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce on ‘Popcorn with Peter Travers’   1 comment

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What Makes Robert Pattinson Curl Into a Fetal Position? Peter Travers asks him the one thing that gives him hives.

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New Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview with TIME   1 comment

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce find solace and inspiration in The Rover’s desert setting


When making his new film, The Rover, director David Michod may have uncovered the only location on Earth where Robert Pattinson is not followed by a hoard of paparazzi. The poetically sparse film, out nationwide this Friday, takes place in a desolate world 10 years in the future after the collapse of society, and reveals what could happen if humans are forced to survive by any means necessary. To create that world, Michod took Pattinson and his co-star Guy Pearce to the Flinders Ranges in the Australian desert, an area several hours north of Adelaide with few roads and fewer people. The cast and crew spent eight weeks shooting in early 2013, moving around to various locations throughout the desert, including the town of Marree, which has a population of 90.

“I didn’t quite realize how remote a lot of it was going to be,” Pattinson tells TIME. “It’s quite a big paparazzi culture in Australia. So I was expecting more of that. I remember setting up the contract and really thinking ‘If we’re going to be shooting exteriors all the time there’s going to be tons of people around. It’s going to be awful. I’m going to be playing this part and everyone’s going to think I’m weird.’”

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce interview with Detroit Fox News 2   1 comment