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New Robert Pattinson interview with The Star Online   2 comments

New Robert Pattinson interview with The Star Online


Welcome back Robert Pattinson.

After the end of the Twilight saga, in which Pattinson played the beloved vampire Edward Cullen, the actor seemed lost.

Now, suddenly Pattinson’s career is in overdrive. He stars in two films that were the talk of the recent Cannes Film Festival: David Cronenberg’s corrosive Maps Of The Stars and David Michod’s dystopian The Rover.

But that’s the least of his life changes.

No longer cloistered in a four-bedroom mansion, Pattinson now lives a solitary life. He still keeps in touch with his Twilight co-stars, such as Kellan Lutz, with whom he loses money playing poker.

But he’s the first to concede: money doesn’t consume him.

No longer a homeowner, he now lives in a rental (but still in a posh gated community in Beverly Hills.). He sleeps on an inflatable mattress moving from room to room, no furniture to speak of. He’s mislaid much of his possessions including his wardrobe and his DVD collection.

At a recent press conference in Beverly Hills for The Rover, he’s as unassuming as he always was.

I remember once asking him about being fired on opening night at London‘s prestigious Royal Court Theatre.

Instead of showing mild embarrassment he responded: “It was the best thing that could have happened to me and a good lesson.”

After a small but significant role in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, flew to Los Angeles with his agent’s blessing. Things didn’t go well at auditions, even the one for Twilight, but author Stephenie Meyer saw something there.

At 21 he might be a little old for the part, she thought, but she gave him just the advice he needed.

“Shave twice,” Meyer told the heavily bearded young man, and of course the rest is history

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New pictures of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here are new pictures of Robert Pattinson


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New/Old picture of Robert Pattinson with fans from 2008   Leave a comment

New/Old picture of Robert Pattinson with fans from 2008


#tbt to that time we saw that one dude who’s in the new #davidmichod movie. #therover. (This was like a month after #twilight came out. I was excited because he was in #harrypotter.) #robertpattinson

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