Rob’s seat at the VMAs   17 comments

Update: Rob’s seat is no longer there. I say they gave him a window seat lol.

Not quite sure why this should interest me, but here it is anyways.


Source & Maria for the vid

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17 responses to “Rob’s seat at the VMAs

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  1. He’s sitting in front of Pink!! And is that Katy Perry two rows back?

  2. omg hope they will sit next to each other!

  3. I like how Rpattz and Kristen are separated by 1 seat. XD

  4. It’s probably the seat for his agent.

  5. They also had assigned seating at teen choice next to each other but that changed throughout the show. It looks like Katy Perry

  6. so , is he going to be there, or not?

  7. i hope we get word if he’s gonna be there or not bc i’m not watching it if he’s not. i can catch the NM clip on youtube.

  8. It’s killin’ me if I cant see ROB at VMAs. It’s count for nothing for me just saw Taykid and Kstew selling NM :((((

  9. wohoo thank god..i pray that rob won’t attend the awards…cuz rusell brand going to get rob with his stupid jokes… but still doesnt confirm yet..fingers crossed

  10. He’s getting a better place so he doesn’t need to sit next to brown haired girl.

  11. If they made him do the TCAs chances are very good he’ll be at the VMAs

  12. I guess either they changed the seating arrangement, do we know if the video is done BEFORE the one with Rob’s pic or after? OR maybe Rob just pulled out.

    OR maybe Summit pulled Rob out to play on the “Taysten” angle instead of having the media focus on “Robsten” seeing as New Moon is the one movie where Taylor takes the front seat…what do I know but nothing suprises me when it comes to PR stunds or whatever from Summit anymore…

  13. Maybe they were worried the Pink was gonna mess with his hair 🙂

  14. OMG, can I be a seat filler??? I would totally ignore the whole show and just watch Rob, lol. It’s in NYC, right? Hey, I’m only 1 1/2 hours away. I’m probably way too old…

  15. The only reason I’m watching the VMA’s is because of Rob and the cast. I dread, dread, what Russell or anyone else might say about them. The MTV Movie Awards were just disgusting – I don’t find that appealing or humorous at all. I’m sure I will be cringing during the whole show. (and hoping my husband is sleeping)

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