Midnight Sun – Fanmade video   9 comments

Here are two great Midnight Sun fanmade videos made by DarkSoulVamp, you can subscribe to her channel here  

Thanks to La Tua Catante for the tip!

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9 responses to “Midnight Sun – Fanmade video

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  1. Wow! These are amazing. Perfect combination of music and scenes and text. It makes me want to read the draft of “Midnight Sun” again. Edward is so other worldly – his take is so different from Bella’s and how we see it in the book and movie. It’s actually scary.

  2. Geez, people have some serious skills! These are awesome!

  3. Those were great vids! Now I really wish SM would finish Midnight Sun!

  4. That was great, I agree with everyone else, SM should finish Midnight Sun.

  5. really great but , where did you get that scene with him biting her in biology class? ive never seen that ? totally cool 🙂

    • I didn’t make it but I think it was in some scenes from the 3 disc DVD special edition.

    • I got those scenes from the special three disc special edition set sold at Target. It is part of Katherine Hardwicke’s vampire kiss montage.

      Thanks so much everyone for the awesome comments, I am so honored that you all liked my videos!

      Midnight Sun Part 3 is up on my youtube channel now and I am currently working on Part 4. =D

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