Amazing Wallpapers!   12 comments

If you don’t have a wallpaper, these are AMAZING Maria made these and sent them to me. They’re awesome, she did a great job! She made some of New Moon, How to Be and some with just Rob. The Remember Me one I’m keeping for later when we post our Remember Me Fan art. There’s also an awesome wallpaper she made that I can’t post on the blog but you can find it here 


More wallpapers after the jump!

12 responses to “Amazing Wallpapers!

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  1. Wow, very nice job!

  2. Those are awesome!

  3. Awesome wallpapers!

  4. Didn’t she do a great job?

  5. These wallpapers are real art!!! Wonderful!!

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  7. when you combine a beautiful subject with an artist’s sensibility, the results are also truly beautiful—<3

  8. Wonderful Wallpapers what a TREAT….Thanks to the ARTISTES :))))

  9. Great job!!!! Amazing!! Thanks!

  10. last one is mine! good job! =D

  11. Wow, decisions, decisions…wonder if ths is allowed at work…

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