Amazing Remember Me Wallpaper   16 comments

DreamySim1 just sent me this which she just made for me. Isn’t it gorgeous?


16 responses to “Amazing Remember Me Wallpaper

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  1. That’s just….OMG! *Drools*

  2. That is beautiful!! Can’t wait for the movie to come out. Great job.

  3. It’s amazing! I love it.

  4. Brilliant work!

  5. This is just amazing! She Dreamysims1 you are so talented!

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  7. All I can say is A-Maze-Ing!! Can I use please… I love to change my wallpaper often but I love to mostly keep it Rob so I can use all the sexy Rob Walpapers I can get?? Thanks…♥

  8. God, thats so great. I’m so excited for this movie! Already told my Edward we have V-day plans… 🙂

  9. Beautiful. Sniff, sniff.

  10. Again-this is so good- and I have to say…I am looking forward to this more than New Moon…and almost as much as Bel Ami and Eclipse… I look forward to a Rob role (where he plays a man-so HP doesn’t count) where he can use his accent….whenever that come and whatever form it comes in!
    Great job on this!!

  11. oh my God this is beautiful. i totally love it.

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  13. Robert never looks bad. love love love it! I’m crazy to see this movie!!

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