Old Rob Audio Interview from Behind the Mic   2 comments

This is an old audio interview with Rob from Behind the Mic.

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Robert Pattinson

The list of questions they ask him after the jump

How does it feel to be a teen idol?

How many girls want you to bite them?

Do you feel any pressure? Kristen told us that she doesn’t feel any pressure.

Did you have any concerns not to fulfill the expectations of the fans?

How did you prepare for the role?

You are acting since you’ve been 15 years old. But now there is this huge hype. What do you think about that?

Your character Edward hardly can’t resist Bella. Is there something in your real life you can’t resist?

What do you think is so special about Edward that so many girls love this character?

There are two songs of you on the soundtracks Never think and Let me sign. How it comes?

Do you have any plans to publish an album in the near future?

Do you think already about how to play Edward’s character in the second and third movie?

In the second book Edward isn’t there the most time?

What do you think about the novels and the love story respectively?

What have you read first: the books or the script?

Did you speak with Stephenie Meyer about the books and about the character of Edward?

In the second book Edward tries to kill himself. How hard was it to prepare for this dramatic situation?

Did you see some other vampire movies before shooting to approach to the world of vampires?

When you were a child did you believe in vampires or other mystic creatures?

2 responses to “Old Rob Audio Interview from Behind the Mic

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  2. Sigh…I could listen to him talk 24/7. That was a great find. Thanks for posting that.

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