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Before Robert Pattinson was Hollywood’s hottest vampire, the actor played an aspiring musician in the 2008 independent film “How To Be,” and Access Hollywood has an exclusive first look at never before scenes of the hot actor in action.

Robert was only 20 when he auditioned for the 2008 movie, but he was already rocking his trademark-disheveled hair that Twi-hards have come to love and obsess about.

“How To Be” was shown at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2008 and was honored with the Special Jury Honorable Mention for Narrative Feature.

The movie hits DVD on November 17, just three days before fans will see Robert in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” on the big screen.

In this offbeat British comedy, Robert is going through an existential crisis as a struggling musician. But after a pep talk to himself in a mirror he goes out and sings his song, “I’m Doing Fine,” to a satisfied audience. Coming to DVD Nov. 17!

You can pre-order the DVD at Amazon

Source: Access Hollywood

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