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A couple weeks back, Oprah announced on her website that she was looking for the “ultimate ‘Twilight’ fans” to be a part of her top-secret May 13 show (airing on that day specifically because it’s RPattz’s birthday!), which would cover the release of the newest film, “Eclipse.” We already found out that the lucky few who were selected got a chance to be a very early look at the entire film, and today got the attend the show’s taping with special guests Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning.

Now, since we’re Hollywood Crush and obviously didn’t want to miss a beat, we knew we would be remiss if we didn’t do our best to track down some of the lucky attendees and get some inside info on the show a week before it airs.

It’s already been announced all over Twitter that Oprah asked Rob and Kristen the Big Question: whether or not they are an item. Niekema Hudson, who Tweeted the majority of the events last night and today, told us in a phone interview that despite Oprah’s yes-or-no question, Rob and Kristen still managed to avoid answering it.

“[Oprah] asked the question directly, like, ‘So, everybody wants to know!’ but they really did avoid the question,” 31-year-old Niekema said. “They both kind of looked like, ‘Uhh, are we supposed to answer this?’ and then Rob joked that Kristen was pregnant, and she joked that, ‘If I’m pregnant, then Rob’s going to have the baby.'”

Niekema had seen that Oprah had been looking for hard core “Twilight” fans on the “Twilight” Facebook page, and sent in an essay detailing the extent of her love of the series. She found out last Monday that she had been selected as an audience member, and brought her cousin, who originally got her into the series, as her plus one.

“I was so excited about being able to go to the show, I completely read over the fact that we would be seeing the movie the night before,” she said with a laugh.

Attendees were encouraged to wear “Twilight” shirts and dark clothes, and bring along Team Edward and Team Jacob signs. Niekema estimated that about 150 fans attended the screening and taping. She said they ranged in age from 14 to 40, and were mostly all women with the exception of one unhappy husband.

Nicole Salera, 19, sent in an essay that included photos showing how “Twilight” is in her life, and brought her friend along once she found out she had been accepted as an audience member. Seeing all the “Twilight” stars — and the movie — brought her to tears, she said.

“I felt Kristen’s personality shine throughout the interview. She explained how she is shy and just as nervous as we are, which is cool of her to say,” Nicole said in an e-mail interview. “Taylor Lautner, my husband who doesn’t know it yet, looked hotter than ever and I couldn’t stop staring at him. He explained how he likes dorky girls, yes! We will be perfect together. He also loves beef patties.”

Conversation ranged from upcoming projects to the stars not having any friends to hang out with on Saturday nights to Kristen’s cat — though, surprisingly given today’s news, “Breaking Dawn” wasn’t brought up even once — but the crème de la crème for both Nicole and Niekema was the chance to see RPattz in person.

“Robert, oh Robert. His accent is to die for, listen to him say ‘nachos.’ It’s the greatest,” Nicole said.

Niekema was lucky enough to be standing near the aisle where the stars walked out, and said, “That gave us the opportunity to basically reach out and see if they would shake our hands and Rob and Taylor did, so that made the experience even that much more amazing because I am such an Edward Cullen fan.” Does it matter that Rob isn’t actually Edward Cullen, but only the guy who plays him? Absolutely not, she said.

That was as close as any of the fans got to the stars. No autographs were signed — with the exception of one special young girl who came from the Caribbean and wrote about how Kristen Stewart and Bella are her role models (during a break, KStew gave her the ring she always wears, which we think is adorable) — and though fans were supposed to get a chance to ask questions to the stars, but that didn’t end up happening. So Nicole resorted to the only option she had left.

“We waited for the cars to leave [after the show] and my face was basically smacked against Rob Pattinson’s car and it was perfect,” she wrote. “Best day of my life!”

Oprah always gives her guests a special gift at the end of each taping, and today’s was especially topical: everyone in the audience got a voucher for the official Bella’s Engagement Ring from Infinite Jewelry Co. Neither Nicole nor Niekema knew which of the three versions they got, but Nicole did say one lucky lady got the $1999 Genuine Engagement Ring, made with 13 diamonds that add up to 1.06 carats.


3 responses to “More Information About the Oprah Taping Today

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  1. OMG… I am so tired of the RP/ KS question… I can't believe Oprah stooped to that!!!! On a better note, I'm really looking forward to Rob saying “nachos”!!!!!

  2. I agree Melissa, I'm tired of it too since I really don't give a crap if they are or they aren't but it should be known by now that they're NOT going to answer the question and Oprah lost some points with me on that one.

  3. Thanks for that article, I love it !

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