'The Summer House' is Screening at CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival   5 comments

The Summer House, a short film that Rob was in a few years ago, will be screened at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival Specialty? Program on June 4, 2010.

It was also shown at the East End Film Festival in London on April 28th.


5 responses to “'The Summer House' is Screening at CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

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  1. Golly gee. He did this short film AGES ago. I hope it fairs well at the film festival.

  2. hey!Have you seen the whole thing??? I've seen the preview and a shorter version with music over it but not the whole thing…

  3. No I haven't & it's not from the lack of searching. I think the ones who filmed this never posted it on any web sites. After watching How To Be I'm unclear on if I want to watch this. Who am I kidding. If the name Robert Pattinson is in the credits, I'm watching LOL.

  4. LOL!!! Just hearing his voice in the preview… and seeing how he grabs the girl made me want to see the whole thing!!!Whoever “owns” it is toturing me!!! I've prob been trying to see it for a year and I check back every once in a while to see if the complete version is on youtube…sadly not yet 😦

  5. The Summer House on iTunes in JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMR!!!!! It'll be a nice treat after Eclipse is out 😀


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