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ANNOUNCER:  Today, all new. For the first time, the worldwide Twilight phenomenon comes to “Oprah.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  They are the hottest thing on the planet. Robert Pattinson. You know there are all these rumors about the two of you dating. Is it true? Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning. We sent them knocking on doors.


GROUP (GIRLS):  (scream)

FATHER:  Oh, my god.

GIRL’S MOTHER:  He’s so hot.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Walking into your houses.

GROUP (GIRLS):  (scream)

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Why grown women say this has revved up their love lives.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Okay, So I just want to say this. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know this, but it is really the hottest thing going on in the world right now. It defines the word “phenomenon.” Eighty-five million books sold. Can you believe that?

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Eighty-five million books, which so excites me that people are reading. Box-office records just shattered, crushed, and it has unleashed a worldwide yearning for romance. Viewers tell us that it’s literally changed their relationships. Moms are bonding with their daughters. Wives are reconnecting with their husbands.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  “The Twilight Saga” is more than a best-selling sensation or billion-dollar blockbuster.

GROUP (FANS):  Edward. Edward. Edward.

FAN:  We’ve been here since 4 A.M.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  It is the phenomenon that sparked a frenzy around the world. “Twilight’s” explosive popularity is giving Beatlemania a run for its money, turning its stars–Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner–into the most popular actors on our planet.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  This epic love story has grown women swooning like schoolgirls.

STEPHANIE (41):  I’m a mother of two, a corporate attorney, and a closet “Twilight” junkie.

WANDA (45):  It just makes me want to ooh ahh.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  They are yearning for every detail of the tortured romance between a sexy vampire, his girlfriend, and a werewolf with abs of steel. For those who have a thirst for action, passion, and heart-stopping suspense…


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  …”Twilight’s” vampires and werewolves do not disappoint.

ROBERT PATTINSON (AS EDWARD CULLEN):  You’re my only reason to stay alive.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Ho ho ho. Okay. The stars of “Eclipse” are here. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner. They are here.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Hello. Hello. Okay. Okay. You just want to do that for an hour, or can I talk? All right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. So does this happen everywhere you go?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Not everywhere.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Not everywhere. I will say this: everybody in the audience saw “Eclipse” last night.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I didn’t even know that.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You didn’t know that?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I had no idea.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That’s because you were going around knocking on doors. You didn’t. Everybody saw the movie last night, and I guess we liked it, right?

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You guys joined forces. That was good to see. Good to see. So, what does it feel like, Taylor, to be in the midst of this phenomenon? It really is a phenomenon, and you know, the closest thing that I can recall, my generation, was the Beatles. And I was one of those people screaming for Paul McCartney, and now people are screaming for you.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  It’s really unlike anything else, I mean, obviously, but it’s amazing. I mean, I know over the past two years, I’ve had the time of my life, so I mean, I couldn’t be more thankful.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  But what does it feel like? Does it feel like being in the–I can’t imagine–like in the eye of a storm or something? I don’t know.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah, it’s different. It’s almost like you live two different worlds.


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  You go into that world, and then you completely vanish and you go back to your regular life.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yeah. And for you, sir, you really do go into a different world and come back, yeah?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah. I mean, that’s a good way of putting it. I mean, I think–it’s weird. I think as we’ve been so sort of central to the whole thing since the beginning, and it started really when no one knew anything about it.

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OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Right. Right. Right.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  And so now it does feel like you’re in a kind of eye of the storm, and I don’t know. I still, to this day, can’t really connect to all the craziness.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Wrap your brain around it? Yeah.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah. And it’s a great position to be in because you can appreciate it. All of a sudden, you walk into a room, and everybody’s screaming, and, like, it doesn’t–and it’s not really about you, so it never really goes to your head, and it’s kind of–and you can kind of participate in it.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Because it doesn’t feel like it’s about you? Does it feel like it’s about Edward? Does it feel like it’s about the character, it’s about the phenomenon itself?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah, and it’s about the fans themselves as well because I think a lot of the people, you know, they just like doing “Twilight”-related things.


KRISTEN STEWART:  And, like, doing it together. I mean, the other thing is, you know, I’ve done movies that I’ve put everything that I am into, and then, you know, it feels like 10 people get to see them, and they probably love this movie. I mean, I don’t want to say more than me, because it’s, like, something that’s so personal and something that I’ve worked so hard on. It feels like a part of my life, and, like, most people’s favorite book is not a part of their lives. So, like, I’m never going to have an opportunity to share something like that on such a level. I mean, it’s never going to happen again.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You never know.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Probably not.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You could be a part of two phenomenons or three in your lifetime, but it is a phenomenon. And you seem to be, you know, there’s so much written about you being shy, so does it feel overwhelming to you? Is it difficult for you to just fully embrace it?

KRISTEN STEWART:  I get so nervous, and…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Okay, let me give you a hug.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Let me give you a hug. It’s okay. It’s okay. Yeah. Really? Okay, and you’re nervous why? Tell me why.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Well, you know, this means a lot to you guys, and it’s the same deal for me. I understand that your words have weight, and I mince them when I know that everybody’s waiting for them. You know what I mean? It’s, like…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Well, really, we’re just waiting for your truth. We just want you to be whoever you want us to know you to be, because I understand that being in front of the camera, a person can’t know your whole life, but I don’t think anybody’s waiting for anything other than for you just to sort of be yourself. So feel really at home.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Just feel really at home. Feel comfortable with that.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  But we can tell that you really care so much for the character. You really care so much for who Bella is.

KRISTEN STEWART:  I feel like I probably bring more of myself to Bella than I have to any other character, but that’s all I can do. I mean, you really project yourself onto her because it’s a very vicarious read. I mean, you are her. And I can also completely relate to the fact that she’s totally awkward, but that she owns that and that she’s not going to say anything that she doesn’t mean.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  And I think what’s so great about it, and the reason why everybody is so relating to her, is because we’ve all had that awkwardness, we’ve all had those feelings, we all can relate. It’s more difficult to relate to your character, however.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  More difficult for that. And isn’t it true that when Robert opens his mouth, you expect him to sound like Edward? You do, and then this British accent comes out. So I’m curious about this. How do they teach you to speak American? What is that? Do you have to, like, flatten out your tongue or something? I don’t know. How do you get rid of the accent?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Kristen thinks I do the most terrible American accent in the world. (laugh)

KRISTEN STEWART:  (laugh) No, I don’t. Occasionally some word will come out, and I’ll be like, “We don’t say that.”

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I don’t know. I just always–I grew up watching American movies and stuff, and I don’t know. And also, I used to–I think what the main thing was, I used to want to be a rapper…

ROBERT PATTINSON:  …when I was, like, 14.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  No, you didn’t.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I swear to god. I have a lot of recordings of it.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Oh, I wish I had know that.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You’d be playing them right now if I’d have known that.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  And so, yeah, the cadence and everything. I used to do an American accent and transpose my voice down, and there’s a few key words, and then I think if you–like, “water.”


ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah. As soon as you can say “water” in an American accent, then that’s–you’re, like, halfway there.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So they tell you to say “wadder.”

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah. That’s Chicago, right?

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That was a little Chicago mixed with Tennessee, but okay, yeah.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah. There’s, like, a few key words, and once you start getting that you’ve got it.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So water is one. What would be another?



KRISTEN STEWART:  That one’s really tough, actually.


ROBERT PATTINSON:  All right. Nachos.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I can’t think of the other ones.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Okay. Well, two weeks ago, Robert was named–I don’t know if you all know this or not. He was named one of “Time” magazine’s “Most Influential People In The World.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  And one of the world’s most beautiful by “People” magazine. One of the most beautiful and one of the most influential, which one meant the most to you?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Definitely beautiful.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I have no reason to influence people. I just want to have it all for myself. I just want someone to pat me on the back. (laugh) It’s crazy. I mean, it’s the same thing as what’s Taylor’s saying. It seems just completely ridiculous. I don’t know why. I mean, three years ago, I wouldn’t be able to influence my dog to walk.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  And now you’re one of world’s–listed as one of the world’s most influential people. It was 100 most influential in the world.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I was above Obama. I was like, I have to agree with that. I totally agree. (laugh) But it’s completely insane.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  We’ll be right back with the cast of “Eclipse.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Coming up, what would you do if Robert Pattinson knocked on your front door?

GROUP (GIRLS):  (scream)

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  And later, Taylor Lautner surprises some unsuspecting sorority sisters.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  It’s the moment Twihards have been counting down for months.

TAYLOR LAUTNER (AS JACOB BLACK):  I’m here to warn you.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  “Eclipse,” the third movie in the “Twilight” saga phenomenon, is on the horizon. The epic story continues with Bella Swan torn between her vampire boyfriend Edward…

ROBERT PATTINSON (AS EDWARD CULLEN):  Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  …and Jacob, her best friend, who’s also a werewolf.

TAYLOR LAUTNER (AS JACOB BLACK):  You wouldn’t have to change for me, Bella. I’m in love with you. I want you to pick me instead of him.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  While their love triangle heats up…

ROBERT PATTINSON (AS EDWARD CULLEN):  Doesn’t he own a shirt?



OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  …longtime enemies, vampires and werewolves must join forces to protect Bella from an army of bloodthirsty killers.

PETER FACINELLI (AS CARLISLE CULLEN):  This means an ugly fight with lives lost.

TAYLOR LAUTNER (AS JACOB BLACK):  We’re in as long as we get to kill some vampires.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  But Bella can’t escape the most important decision of her life.

KRISTEN STEWART (AS BELLA SWAN):  Why are you so against me coming like you?

ROBERT PATTINSON (AS EDWARD CULLEN):  I know the consequences of the choice you’re making.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  The consequences. Okay. The third movie in the “Twilight Saga,” “Eclipse.” I don’t even have to tell you, but I will–it opens in theaters on June 30. I know you all will be camped out. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner are all here. I love that shot where you’re by the car for the first time as we see you with the shirt off.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  And just when I saw that edit, I thought, in that moment, did they say, All right. Flex?

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  “All right. Go for it. Go for it. Go for it.” So you really buffed yourself up. You did the work.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah. It was definitely a lot of work, and, yeah, when I was filming “Twilight,” I knew where my character went physically…


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  …and I definitely wasn’t there, so, yeah, it was about a year’s worth of work.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Look at that shot right there.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Put that shot back, guys. Look at that shot right there. Taylor, whoo.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That is a six pack plus. Yes.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  So, yeah, it required, obviously, a lot of time in the gym, but, you know, mainly eating changes.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  There’s the moment. There’s the moment. That’s what that was.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Don’t get embarrassed now. Long time in the gym? What did you do? What did you eat or not eat to get that way?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  I basically ate a lot, as much as I could. If I was busy, if I was on set or if I was in L.A. and I had meetings, I’d have to carry around this little miniature cooler, and I would carry around, like, beef patties and almonds.


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah, seriously, just beef patties, and it’s so weird. I’ll be, like, talking to somebody. All of a sudden, I’ll just be like, “Yeah, yeah. Can you hold on one sec? I got to eat a beef patty.” So.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So you were working out how many hours a day?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  At one point, I was in the gym, like, almost three hours, and that’s when I realized that I was actually overworking myself, and I had to cut back. So it ended up being about an hour and 15, hour and a half a day, about five days a week.


KRISTEN STEWART:  He was losing weight, he was working so hard.


KRISTEN STEWART:  It was like he would start to sweat, and we’d be like, “You better be careful because you’re going to burn, like, five calories just sitting there.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yeah. It is true that women when you see them when you’re out in public people ask you to howl?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  At one point, and I forget where I said that I don’t enjoy howling, but they’ve stopped, so I do appreciate it, everyone.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yes. You say to people, “It’s a character, people. It’s a character.”

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah. On the red carpet, it happened once. It was, like, I was on the red carpet, and they were like, “Can you howl for us?” I was like, “No.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  “No. I’m not howling.” Robert, is it true that you wanted to quit? I heard that, but you can’t believe anything you read, so I have to ask you. Is it true that you thought about quitting acting before you did this audition?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I mean, I think I was always, like, going to, because I kind of fell into it, and then if you say you’re an actor and you’re going to auditions and stuff and not getting parts, then you’re not an actor. (laugh) And so I guess that was what my predicament was, but, yeah, there was one. When I came out to L.A. to do the “Twilight” audition, I was, like, flat broke. Everything was kind of rubbish in London, and…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Rubbish. You all say “rubbish” a lot. That’s good.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah, and I came up for a different audition and then flew out. I’d done a tape in London for it and thought it was going to be great and then turned up, and it was absolutely awful. And then I called my parents, and I was like, “Oh, that’s it,” and then I was going to fly home the next day, and my parents are like, “Yeah, yeah. Sure. Okay. That’s fine,” which is completely the wrong thing to say. So I’m like, “No, I really want to do it now.” And then so I went to another audition, and the next audition was “Twilight.” I had met Kristen and Catherine Hardwick, and it just seemed like a really–I don’t know. It just went down really, really well, and, yeah, it was kind of the only job I wanted to do for years.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So thousands auditioned for the role of the romantic vampire Edward Cullen and, Kristen, I hear you instantly knew that he was the one. Tell us how.


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  His six pack.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Auditioning is such a weird thing to begin with. I mean, I don’t know. There’s just so many expectations, and you’re never yourself because you’re nervous, and I knew that this was the only thing that mattered in the movie. I mean, there were things that could fall short, and the movie would still stand, I think. Like, what I loved about the movie would be okay if this was okay. I guess it was just a gut thing. I mean, it was good.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  What’d you all do for the audition?

KRISTEN STEWART:  We read some scenes.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Mm-hmm. Did you have to kiss?


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  For the audition?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  And they didn’t prepare us for that. Yeah. Catherine hadn’t told me, anyway. I know she probably told you. Yeah. She’d done it with a whole bunch of guys before. (laugh)

KRISTEN STEWART:  I’d done it with a bunch of guys. He was the last one that came in. (laugh) No. He really was actually a little scared.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Get the sloppy seconds.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Ew, that’s so gross.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Well, you know there are all these rumors about the two of you. I’m not going to ask her because she’s so shy, she’s not going to tell me, but there are all these rumors about the two of you dating. Is it true?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Kristen is pregnant.

KRISTEN STEWART:  He likes to–he really loves to, like, shock people because he thinks it’s funny. No, no, no. We’ve actually had this conv–he’s having the baby, because I can’t. I’m too–I mean, imagine a baby coming out of this thing. I mean, like, that’s just not going to happen.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So you’re going to have the baby.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yeah. We know that the newborns are harder to deal with.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Well, last night after we landed in Chicago, Robert did something I thought–I was really couldn’t believe you actually agreed to do it, but he did because our producers will ask you to do anything, and he agreed to go knock on strangers’ doors.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  That’s amazing.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yeah. Isn’t it amazing? So he did this for some of “Twilight’s” biggest fans, and watch what happened when Robert Pattinson comes knocking on strangers’ doors.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  We have heard that there are a lot of “Twilight” fans in the vicinity, and we’re going to surprise a number of them and invite them to the show. Well, this is probably going to be very embarrassing. Is there any kind of protocol for these things? (doorbell) This is terrifying. Hello? Should we just break into the house?

GROUP (GIRLS):  (scream)


GIRL ONE:  Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I was ringing the doorbell for, like, 10 minutes. No one came down.

GIRL TWO:  I’m sorry. We were in the basement.


GIRL THREE:  We don’t know what to say. You always think about what you’re going to say to them once you meet them, but when you meet them, you don’t really know what to say.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Yeah. I have no idea what to say, either. I was goning break into your house a few minutes ago.

GROUP (GIRLS):  Oh. (laugh)

ROBERT PATTINSON:  So you guys know what’s going to happen tomorrow. You all have tickets to “The Oprah Show.”

GROUP (GIRLS):  (scream)

GIRL ONE:  Thank you.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I’ll see you tomorrow. See you. Bye.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Next stop–the house of an unsuspecting birthday girl.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  Okay. Oh, god, they got a dog.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  They’re going to open the door. Hey. Ruff. (laugh) Hey, how are you?

GIRL ONE:  Good. Oh, my god.

GIRL’S MOTHER:  Oh, my god. He is so hot.

GIRL ONE:  Oh, my god, he’s so hot. Oh, god. Oh, my god.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  For your birthday, we didn’t have the tickets on us, so I wrote one.

GIRL ONE:  Oh, my god, what does it say? Oh, my god. We’re going to see “The Oprah Show.”

GIRL’S MOTHER:  Thank you so much.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Rob’s last knock of the night–an entire family of fans.

FATHER:  Oh, my god.

FAMILY:  (scream)

ROBERT PATTINSON:  How you guys doing? It’s what?

MOTHER:  You’re beautiful.

GIRL ONE:  You’re so tall. I never thought you’d be that tall.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  You all have tickets to the show tomorrow.

FAMILY:  Oh, my god. Oprah.

MOTHER:  Tomorrow we’ll look totally different.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  They were really nice. That was nice. I kind of wanted to stay there and have dinner.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That’s nice. No. I think the only way we could convince you because you’re so jetlagged, right? You’d just gotten off the plane.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I just got in the car, and there’s already a camera crew, and they’re like, “Okay, so we’re going to go to these houses.” I was like, “Okay.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Thank you. We’ll be right back. That’s fun. We’ll be right back. Crazy.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Coming up, “Twilight” is taking over college campuses.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  See what happens when Taylor drops in on a sorority house.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  “Twilight” is a far-reaching phenomenon that transcends generations. As you saw in the shot, you know, people’s mothers are screaming as loud as they are. Grown women are devouring the “Twilight” series and living vicariously through this love story. Last week, our own Ali Wentworth, mother of two, went on special assignment to investigate the fantasy.

ALI WENTWORTH:  I’m here in southern Illinois to talk to four moms about this obsession with the “Twilight” movies. I don’t get it, but I’m going to go in there and find out what all this craziness is about. Oh, my god.

WOMAN ONE:  Nice to meet you. Welcome to my house.

ALI WENTWORTH:  The twimoms.

WOMAN ONE:  The twimoms. Welcome to our…


WOMAN ONE:  We have a little invitation for you, if you want to join us.

ALI WENTWORTH:  This is my “Eclipse.”

WOMAN ONE:  It is.


WOMAN ONE:  Because we’re gonna get you hooked. We have our little Twi-mom party set up for you.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Look at that. How often do we have these little soirees?

WOMAN TWO:  Usually before a movie comes out, but whenever we feel like it, really.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Right. So, and the strawberries? Oh, Edward?

WOMAN TWO:  The white ones are Edward and the dark ones are Jacob.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Okay. All right. That’s not weird at all.

ALI WENTWORTH:  So this is what I need to understand a little bit more. What is it about the Twi-moms?

WOMAN THREE:  I think you miss the passion of the first love. The first love, it’s just so passionate. You’re married, you have kids. We’re running to school, we’re making dinner.

WOMAN TWO:  It’s a 24/7 job and it’s not always appreciated.

ALI WENTWORTH:  And it’s an escape, it’s a way to relive your passion, and you’re not cheating.

WOMAN ONE:  We’re not.


ALI WENTWORTH:  So we’re going down to a basement? That’s not scary.

WOMAN ONE:  This is where we have our premiere parties.


WOMAN ONE:  So we walk the red carpet.


WOMAN ONE:  We take pictures with our Edward.

ALI WENTWORTH:  All right, I’m gonna sit here. Let me see some of your favorite scenes.

WOMAN TWO:  All right, this is one of our favorites.

WOMEN:  Ohh.

WOMAN TWO:  My inside is tingling.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Really? What’s happening?

WOMAN TWO:  I just–I just have a physical– (all talking at once)

ALI WENTWORTH:  These “Twilight” sagas have really made an impact on your life in other ways, too, right?

WOMAN THREE:  I never used to read. I was too busy. I’m a reader now, thanks to “Twilight.”

WOMAN FOUR: Now we’ve bonded over something completely different.

WOMAN ONE:  All right, so the kids are home from lunch.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Oh, your kids are home now?

WOMAN ONE:  We have to make them lunch.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Okay. Hey, kids. Come here. Kneel down like I’m your grandmother. So your moms are obsessed with these “Twilight” movies. You know that, right?

GIRL:  Yes. It takes hours. She watches only the Edward scenes.

GIRL TWO:  My dad gets so mad. He’s, like, “You love Edward more than me.”

ALI WENTWORTH:  Oh, no, he didn’t. So, anyway, thank you for letting me be here. When are you guys seeing “Eclipse” June 30?

WOMAN ONE:  June 30.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Wait. I have a much better idea. Why don’t you come to the show Wednesday?

WOMEN:  (scream)

ALI WENTWORTH:  It’s gonna be so–oh, my god, because Edward, Jacob, and Bella will be there.

WOMEN:  (scream)

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  My goodness, my goodness. My goodness, my goodness. There’s Lisa, Liz, Eden, and Renee are all here. So Ali, are you tapped into the appeal now? What do you–it’s really a phenomenon.

ALI WENTWORTH:  Listen. Really nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you. But it wasn’t on my radar, so when I was gonna go hang out with the Twi-moms, I watched the movies, and I understand it. I do. I understand it. It brings up the first love so, you know, they are obsessed with Edward and Jacob. I mean, I had a thing for Henry Kissinger when I was little, so I get it. But also, it’s a safe love. It’s safe, especially if you’re obsessed with the character, and it’s this kind of unrequited, forbidden love, but also, I found vicariously through them it conjured up feelings of when I was that age. So you do feel the feelings that you had when you were first in love. And also, just for a middle-aged woman that, you know, could use a little work in her face, the idea of being frozen in time I get. I really get, Kristen. I would, you know, I would’ve taken the bite right away.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That’s great. That’s great. Well, now we understand it a little bit more. I think it’s fantastic. This is what I want to know. If I were to look in on your–if I were to look through the window of your house on a Saturday night, what would I see?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  I was saying to someone earlier, probably desperately calling up everyone in my phone book, like, seeing if anyone at all was doing something. Anyone who I’ve ever met was doing something, because no one would’ve called me. So…


ROBERT PATTINSON:  I ask myself that every time it happens.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So we peek in on a Saturday night. What are we going to see?

KRISTEN STEWART:  I’m such a lame person. I’ll probably be–I’m obsessed with my cat, and I don’t spend a whole lot of time at home, and so I’d probably be with–I have a Edward and–I have a very Edward and Bella relationship. It’s like, very co-dependent with my cat, so I’d probably be with him.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Okay. We’re looking through the window. First of all, are you home?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  I wish it was a Tuesday or Wednesday, because I’d be watching “American Idol.”


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Sunday I’d be watching “Celebrity Apprentice.”

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Saturdays is a little difficult for me. I don’t know. I’m bored on Saturdays.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Would you be home Saturday night?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah, most likely.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  What you doing?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  I’m seeing if anybody wants to hang out with me, too. I mean, it’s…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You all should call each other.

ROBERT PATTINSON:  (laugh) I know right.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  That’s a fantastic idea.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Talk about another good sport. Let’s take a look at what happened when we sent Taylor out for a surprise drop-in. Look at this.

SORORITY GIRL ONE:  Theta girls are passionate about “Twilight.” Theta girls are obsessed.

SORORITY GIRL TWO:  Oh, my god. I am obsessed with “Twilight.” This is our “Twilight” room. We got the “New Moon” posters. We got everything. Like, all the Thetas love it. So we all get together and, like, “Twilight” decorate. I know, I can’t believe I’m saying that out loud, but we do.

SORORITY GIRL THREE:  We probably watch the movie, like, at least every weekend.

SORORITY GIRL FOUR:  Oh, I’m definitely team Jacob. It has a lot to do with the abs. I’m not going to lie.

SORORITY GIRL THREE:  That’s just a bonus. I lay like this and then he’s, like, right there so he looks like my boyfriend.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  This sorority is practically majoring in “Twilight.”

SORORITY GIRL FIVE:  I’m thinking we might have to, like, have, like, a study group.

SORORITY GIRL SIX:  In the Twi-hard center.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So when “New Moon” held its world premier just blocks from campus, well, classes would just have to wait.

SORORITY GIRL ONE:  Everyone was camped out for, like, seriously, like three days before the premiere.

SORORITY GIRL THREE:  I waited for about 24 hours and I was behind, like, 40 people, and unfortunately a little too short to see, like, over their heads, because I really wanted to see Taylor Lautner, basically. Obviously.

I was hoping that Taylor Lautner would fall in love with me and that we would live happily ever after, and that was what I was thinking.


SORORITY GIRL THREE:  No, because look at those muscles.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  While the unsuspecting sorority sisters gush over Taylor…

SORORITY GIRL ONE:  I don’t know how he got himself so muscle-y for this movie, but it was amazing.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You-know-who is just outside the door.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  All right. We’re here at the theta house right now. They don’t know I’m here, but I’m going to hop in there and we’ll see what happens. Here we go.

SORORITY GIRL ONE:  Did Taylor do all of his own, like, stunt scenes in this? Like, he did all of his own, like…




OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  They haven’t even heard the best part.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  So I heard a rumor that some of you might’ve camped out last year at the premiere.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  A couple? Yeah? Well, everybody that is in this room right now, I can guarantee you that you will be attending…


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  …the world premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” All right. That was fun.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  I was a little scared for you going in that room. That was fun. Was that fun?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Honestly, it was a lot of fun. They were all–they were great.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  They were great. I was a little scared for you going in that room.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Thought they might rip your shirt off. We’ll be right back. Back in a moment. That’s great.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Coming up, from America’s sweetheart to an evil vampire. Dakota Fanning joins the cast party. Next.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Dakota Fanning plays an evil Volturi vampire in the new movie “Eclipse,” which opens June 30. She says it was the role that she’d been dying to play.

VOLTURI VAMPIRE:  Others may begin to question the Volturi’s effectiveness.


VOLTURI VAMPIRE:  Maybe we should consult with Aro.

DAKOTA FANNING (AS JANE):  Aro’s decisions are being watched. Either we let them do what they were created for or we end them.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Welcome, Dakota Fanning. There is little Dakota, all grown up.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So I understand this was a side of you we hadn’t seen. You’re evil.

DAKOTA FANNING:  Definitely.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Is it fun to be evil?

DAKOTA FANNING:  It is. It’s very fun. It’s very obviously a different role than I’ve ever played and I loved that I got to be one of the bad vampires with the red eyes and the cool costume and I loved getting to play, like, a real character.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Is it true you read all four of these books in one week?


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  What a luxury. What a luxury. Did you just read them one right after the other?

DAKOTA FANNING:  Yeah, I just read them one right after the other. I was doing press for another film at the time, and so I was on, like, a lot of airplanes, and I read really fast anyway, so I just read it and I was hooked.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  What do you love about this story?

DAKOTA FANNING:  I love about the story that–I mean, like you’ve seen on the show, people of so many ages appreciate it and love it. I mean, I know from experience with myself, but also my sister is 12 and her and her best friend are obsessed with everything and they have the cut-outs of Rob and Taylor. And, you know, they’re actually–they’re making a robot at school and they named it “Rob-bot Pattinson.”

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Wow. That and the most beautiful people. I don’t know what else.

DAKOTA FANNING:  Oh, no. Yeah.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  So you and Kristen worked together on another movie that’s really, “The Runaways,” right? And you’ve become good friends.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  How would you describe her? How would you describe her?

DAKOTA FANNING:  Well, I mean, I’ve gotten to know her very well. And, I mean, especially doing “The Runaways.” I mean, the relationship that we have in the movie is so important, and you can’t help but become close to that person in your life, and, I mean, she’s become one of my best friends and I love her.

KRISTEN STEWART:  She would never tell you what I’m really like.

KRISTEN STEWART:  She’s my friend.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Well, we obviously know she’s shy. Yeah. But I understand you look up to her, too. You look up to her?

KRISTEN STEWART:  Yes, definitely. I’m 20, Dakota’s 16. And it, like, I’ve always had friends that are older than me, and I literally don’t even feel–I call her for advice when I’m, like, either freaking out or not sure of something. I mean, it’s like, “What do I do?” Yeah.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Well, Dakota–do you feel, Dakota–I’ve heard other actors say this of you. Not only are you, you know, one terrific actress but that there’s something about you that carries the aura of actually being much older. I remember, you know, hearing other actors say that about you.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yeah. So do you feel like you grew up faster than you normally would have had you not been an actress?

DAKOTA FANNING:  I mean, I think I definitely grew up differently. I mean, I’ve been working since I was six and, I mean, I have a very different life than other, you know, people my age when I’m working. But when I come home, it’s so normal. I mean, like you were all saying, I just go home and have, you know, a completely normal family that’s not involved in the business in any way, I mean, besides my sister. And so I think it’s nice to maintain that and that helps. And so, no, I don’t think I’ve grown up faster. I think I’ve been so lucky to have had the childhood that I’ve had. I’ve seen so many things and met so many people, and I think my life has only, you know, been better because of it.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yeah, but you seem wise beyond your years. I remember Tom Cruise told me once that you were 12 when he was working with you, but you were 12 going on 35.



DAKOTA FANNING:  I mean, I don’t know–some people say that about me. I feel the age that I am, you know? I don’t know.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  We’ll be right back. Be right back. Be right back.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Coming up, Taylor talks relationships. If you were choosing the ideal woman for yourself, who would that be?

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  I wanted to ask you, do you have–we always read about this squeaky clean image of yours, that you’ve never smoked a cigarette, never had a drink. Never, never, never. Is that true?



TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah. I mean, I guess so. It’s kind of just…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  You guess so?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Like, not even behind–no, really, like, not even behind the barn or something? You never had or tried a cigarette when you were, you know, with your friends?

KRISTEN STEWART:  That’s a good spot for it.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah, honestly, no. I mean, I guess it’s just the way I was raised by my parents and my family.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Good family. Good, good.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Definitely.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Very nice. Now, so many people who watch the movies want you to either pick one or the other. If you were choosing the ideal woman for yourself, who would that be?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Specifically?


TAYLOR LAUTNER:  I have to choose a lady right now?

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  No, specifically, what would those qualities be?

ROBERT PATTINSON:  From the audience.

KRISTEN STEWART:  From the audience. That’s what I was…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  No, what are the qualities you are looking for, for a relationship?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Obviously, loyalty.



ROBERT PATTINSON:  Must like beef patties?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  That was number two.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Must make delicious beef patties.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Loyalty, honesty, somebody–but, you know, really important to me is somebody who can totally let loose and pretty much be themselves and have fun.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Is funny a part–do they need to be funny?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Yeah, definitely.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Or would you be–are you the funny one in the relationship?

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  I don’t find myself very funny, so I–they’d definitely…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Well, you’d know if you were funny or not.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  Then I guess I’m not funny.

TAYLOR LAUTNER:  So they better be pretty funny.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Okay. Back in a moment. That’s great.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Coming up, she flew 2500 miles just to get a glimpse of Kristen.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  A few weeks ago, I got an email from 15-year-old Atiya Nelson, who says that Bella’s willingness to be herself inspired her to come out of her own shell. Atiya came here today from the Caribbean just to see Kristen. So, Atiya, what does she mean to you? Where are you, Atiya? Hi, Atiya.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Hi. Hi, Atiya. So, what does the character Bella mean to you? What does that character Bella mean to you?

ATIYA NELSON:  Well, she means everything to me. I think she likes to be her own person and not try to change herself to try to fit in with other kids. And she’s really in love with Edward, and I like that.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  And so were you a different kind of girl before you started reading and watching these movies? Reading the books and watching the movies?

ATIYA NELSON:  Well, I never really used to talk to much people. And now, since “Twilight,” I can discuss it with my friends, and it’s really cool.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Terrific. You can come get a picture with Kristen. You can come do that.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Yes. Yes. So you brought a little something? You brought something?

KRISTEN STEWART:  Yeah, yeah. Totally. Okay. I have a–I wear a ring in the movie.


KRISTEN STEWART:  And this is the first one that I wore. And…

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That’s just great.

KRISTEN STEWART:  Yeah. It’s cut, because my hand grew from the second–from the first to the second one, and we have more.

ATIYA NELSON:  Thank you. Can I hug you?

KRISTEN STEWART:  Yeah, come on. Of course.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  That’s so sweet. We’ll be right back. We’ll be right back.

OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  Teen superstar Justin Bieber just got his driver’s license.


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  He is not going to text and drive. That makes me so proud. Now, that’s really something to go crazy over.


ROBERT PATTINSON (AS EDWARD CULLEN):  If you ever touch her against her will again…

KRISTEN STEWART (AS BELLA SWAN):  Edward, don’t do this to him.

TAYLOR LAUTNER (AS JACOB BLACK):  She’s not sure what she wants.

ROBERT PATTINSON (AS EDWARD CULLEN):  Well, let me give you a clue. Wait for her to say the words.


KRISTEN STEWART (AS BELLA SWAN):  Jacob, just go, okay?

BILLY BURKE (AS CHARLIE SWAN):  Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Easy, guys. Easy. Let’s take it down a notch. All right? What’s going on?


OPRAH WINFREY (HOST):  I kissed Bella. She broke her hand. I want to say thank you to Robert Pattinson, to Kristen Stewart, to Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning. “Eclipse” opens June 30. Bye, everybody. Bye, everybody.

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  1. Thank you for the translation! I understand most of conversation but sometimes I lost or still worse, I hear something completely different

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