Giveaway: Accompany a Member of ToR (2 tickets) to "Jimmy Kimmel Live – Outdoor Twilight Q & A"   25 comments

Update: Our giveaway winner is Rpattz441


We’re giving away a pair of tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live – Outdoor Twilight Q & A. gittsy one of our ToR members has some tickets so basically you’ll be accompanying her as the tickets are non-transferable.

You will need to meet up with Gittsy there 45 minutes before the show starts. The show begins at 6:45pm PST on Monday evening.

How do you win the tickets?

Just leave a comment in the comment section of the site. You have until 12:00AM EST tonight and then we’ll lock the comments. We’ll be numbering the comments and then use to pick the lucky winner.

Please note that this contest is only for LA residents or people who can get to the show. You will be in charge of your own transportation methods to get too and from the show.

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25 responses to “Giveaway: Accompany a Member of ToR (2 tickets) to "Jimmy Kimmel Live – Outdoor Twilight Q & A"

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  1. 1) Love it!

  2. 2) I tried requesting tix in what I thought was good time but didn’t get any. My friend and I are huge Twilight and Rob Pattinson fans and have been trying to go to various things he is at and never manage to get tix or see him at things we do get tix for. Would love to have the opportunity to go to this show to see the cast and see Jimmy too! Thanks!

    Jennifer Burgess
  3. 3) Hi omg I really hope I win :]

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  5. 4) How the heck did you get tickets! We tried and tried and tried! Hate computers LOL

  6. 5) I clicked for more than 4 hours on that site to get tickets, and got nothing. I REALLY hope I win

  7. 6) Hope I win but I doubt I will.

  8. 7) I tried and tried but no luck. It would be awesome to win. We would definitely make the drive down from Sacramento for this!

  9. 8 ) I am so upset because I have tried both times to get tickets to the show whether it be the question and answer or the actual show and both times have failed. It just sounds like so much fun. Thank you for taking me into consideration. I’m sure I will fail on this one too but anything to try and get there.

  10. 9) Hiya! I admit I am a closet twihard that tried winning the tickets, but that failed. Hopefully I will win!!! Thanks. Peace.

  11. I spelled my email address wrong….

  12. 10) wow, i hope i win!! this is great!

  13. 11) I tried to get tix the first time they became available but was obviously not quick enough! Never underestimate the Twilighters, lol! Thanks for doing this to give some of us out here a chance! 🙂

  14. 12) Yes I just figured it out lol. Iwould like to go to the. Jimmy kimmel show.

  15. Omg I never win any thing but I’m hoping my luck will change. I would really like to go to the Jimmy Kimmel show.

  16. 13) This would be amazing! 🙂
    *fingers crossed*

  17. 14) This would be so much fun! Tried to get tickets for this, Ellen and Leno but totally struck out. I would really like to go to the Jimmy Kimmel show.

  18. 15) I don’t think words can even begin to explain the deep emotions that hide within me when it comes to Twilight. Three simple letters…R, O, B. They seem to haunt me throughout my day, everyday, reminding me that I have yet to see him. I would love the opportunity to go to Jimmy Kimmel and see Rob! I don’t think there’s anyone who would be more grateful for those tickets than me. Believe me I refreshed the Jimmy Kimmel tickets page every morning in the hopes of getting tickets, but when I finally checked they were gone and I was devastated! So please have me in mind when you give them away 🙂

  19. 16) OMG!! Please please pleaseeee I want to win these tix soooo badly!! i was on this website for hours without any luck!!!! I love this website, and this would be extremely special!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 17) I got on the jimmy kimmel website right away and they were already of of tickets for the q and a w/ the twilight cast for 06/14. It would be so great to get a chance to see these amazing actor in person. Winning some tickets would be the icing on top of the cake!!!

  21. 18) omg please pick me i never won before lol thanks

    christina vargas
  22. 19) hey

    pamela jedlowski
  23. 20) yay!!

  24. Did you pick a winner yet?

  25. Wow this would be one amazing experience!!! Pick me!!!!!! I ❤ Edward!!!!!!!!!! I live in California!!!!

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