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Video: ET Talks Robert Pattinson at the MTV Movie Awards   1 comment

ET Talk about about Robs kiss with Taylor and dropping the F-bomb!

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New Zealand Herald: “Robert Pattinson Sinks His Teeth Into The MTV Movie Awards”   6 comments

Robert Pattinson made the front page of the New Zealand Herald this morning with his wins at the MTV Movie Awards. You can read the article below.

From the New Zealand Herald

The MTV Movie Awards was more like “The Team Edward Show”.

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson sucked up the spotlight – and the popcorn-shaped trophies – at Sunday’s shenanigan-packed ceremony.

Among the goofy actor’s moments: winning three different awards, unexpectedly kissing co-star Taylor Lautner, and slipping the F-word past censors when presenting Reese Witherspoon with the special MTV Generation Award.

“It’s not always a bad thing to have sexual chemistry with your mother,” joked Pattinson, who played the son of Witherspoon’s character in Vanity Fair as well as her love interest in Water for Elephants.

For his role as vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Pattinson won best male performance, best fight with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel, and best kiss with Kristen Stewart.

Instead of smooching each other, Pattinson declared he didn’t “feel like kissing” Stewart before he descended back into the audience and planted his lips on Lautner.

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New Picture of Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield from the MMAs After Party   2 comments


Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson from The ‘MTV Movie Awards’   Leave a comment


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Awesome Fan Made Robert Pattinson ‘Never Think’ Video   5 comments

Check out this amazing Robert Pattinson fan made video we found. Its not new but we loved it!


Here are some Screencaps of the video: since FP LOVES this vid 😉

HQ/Untagged Backstage Pics of Robert Pattinson at the MTV Movie Awards   3 comments

Here are the backstage pics now hq and untagged

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Robert Pattinson’s Eclipse Co-stars Talk About His Kiss With Taylor Lautner   1 comment

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The biggest shocker to come out of the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night (June 5) was hands down that Robert Pattinson treated Taylor Lautner to a smooch almost as passionate as the ones in the Golden Popcorn-winning “Twilight Saga” films.
 But while it came as a surprise to those of us watching the awards show, the stars of this year’s nominated “Eclipse” said it was about time the two onscreen rivals shared a kiss. “It was about damn time, man. It’s been up in the air for about three years now. I think we’ve all been waiting for Rob and Taylor to kiss,” Jackson Rathbone told MTV News when we caught up with him backstage at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. “We knew it was coming, and finally it did. Finally, they acknowledged their love for each other.”
 Rathbone’s vampire brother Kellan Lutz admitted he was a bit surprised, but their co-star Peter Facinelli shared a little secret about how the RPattz/Taylor smooch went off without a hitch.
 “They asked us to show them in practice,” Facinelli said. “We taught them everything they know,” Lutz confirmed.
 Nikki Reed chimed in, saying she wanted to see some visual proof of the tale Lutz and Facinelli were weaving. “Let’s re-enact that!” she begged, but the duo passed, insisting Facinelli had already pecked Lutz on the cheek earlier in our interview.
 Tinsel Korey hought the Pattinson and Lautner kiss was “totally sexy,” but Kiowa Gordon said he “puked a little bit” when his onscreen enemies locked lips. BooBoo Stewart had “no comment,” but Julia Jones at least “thought it was cute.”
 All seemed to have been smoothed over by the time Pattinson, Lautner and their co-stars took the stage to accept the Best Movie award, with Lautner teasingly giving his sparkly co-star a knowing look and a quick tap on the chin before throwing his arm around his shoulder.
As Rathbone said, those two should be nominated for a special award at next year’s Movie Awards for Best Man-On-Man Kiss.
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Robert Pattinson ‘Eclipse’ Co-Stars didnt get his Best Fight Award joke   2 comments

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Video: Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel on being surprised to win Best fight along with co-star Robert Pattinson. Below they talk about how they didnt quite get Robs joke during the acceptance speech. (which you can watch HERE)

From MTV: It was something of a surprise for everyone in the “Twilight” cast when the epic fight scene at the end of “Eclipse” beat out “Inception,” “The Fighter,” “Kick-Ass” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” for the Best Fight Golden Popcorn. But what had co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel scratching their heads even more was the joke Robert Pattinson made at the end of his acceptance speech.

The joke came after Bryce apologized to Rob for trying to kill him in the movie. “It’s fine,” he responded. “I ripped your head off, and now you’re pregnant.” Cut to Kristen Stewart mouthing, “What?” and ducking her head in embarrassment.

“That was a really advanced joke,” Bryce said. “I didn’t get it.”

“I’m not sure what…” Xavier started before trailing off in confusion. “I guess in ‘Breaking Dawn’ Bella’s pregnant, so I guess that’s the joke?”

But the duo definitely did know why they won the award even if they didn’t necessarily think they had the best movie fight. Bryce explained it best by saying, “Two words: Robert Pattinson. That’s why.”


Video: Reese Witherspoon says Robert Pattinson Underestimated her Lesbianism   1 comment

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