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BTS story by Guri Weinberg from the Breaking Dawn set   1 comment

from Guri Weinberg’s blog:


GFYS started one day as Noel and I were walking back into our trailer after a long day’s work. We each had one half of the same trailer as dressing rooms and our doors were on opposite ends. As we were opening the doors to our dressing rooms, I called out to him,

“Hey, Noel…”

He earnestly looked at me. “Yeah?”

UBER casually I say, “Go f*** yourself.”

On his look of shock, I went into my room and shut the door. I admit, I was laughing pretty hard. The look on his face was priceless.


So, what could I do? I had a talk with Kristen, then Rob to arrange a spontaneous GFYS from each to accent the rest of Noel’s day. They were SO into it. However, before I know it, Rob is wrapped for the day and I’m thinking he forgot. Oh, me of little faith in Rob’s silliness. As he walks off set back to his trailer,

“Noel. Go f*** yourself.” Rob said it so casually, Noel looked at him for a second, not believing he’d heard what he just heard. Noel looks at me.

“I can’t believe you did that. Nice.”, he says.

“Thanks, man.” I respond. But he hasn’t heard from Kristen yet. AND now we’re called back to set…

The minute I walk on set, Kristen is READY to do this thing with Noel. She keeps looking at me when he’s not looking, mouthing, “Now?” I’m mouthing back, “Not yet.” She keeps shooting me looks every few seconds, “Now?” and I keep going “Not yet. Rob just did it.” I am thinking to myself, MAN, she REALLY wants to tell Noel to go f***himself. Did he piss her off or what?!? There’s a break coming up and we all come back on set. Except Kristen. I look for an A.D.

“Where’s Kristen?”

“Oh, she wrapped.”

NO WONDER she wanted to do it so quickly. Dammit.

Read Guri’s full story at his blog

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in several French Magazines   Leave a comment

Here are some scans of Rob in several French magazines: Séries Mania (june/july 2011), Séries Plus (june/july 2011) and Number One (May/June 2011) | Click to make huge

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson at Water For Elephants premiere in London   1 comment

I somehow recognize portions of the video but I’m not sure and since it got a translation added I decided to post:

Interviews with fans, Reese and Rob talks about Cosmopolis and more

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Shia LaBeouf mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview with Italian magazine   6 comments


Q: Your bank account and be the idol of our peers does not balance things?

Shia: But they are fragile things..Popularity is like a drug, I would not want the planetary popularity of Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber, and but even if you don’t not reach those levels, it is hard not feel at least a little almighty


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Miranda Richardson is Team Edward   4 comments

After working with Rob in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Miranda Richardson wants to make sure everyone is clear on what team she’s on:

What is it about Breaking Dawn that you’re so excited about?

RICHARDSON: Oh, I’m a huge Twilight fan! I love it! Maybe they’ll invite me to the premiere now.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

RICHARDSON: Oh God, don’t do that! I’m Team Edward.

Read the rest of the interview over at Collider


*SCANS* and translation of Robert Pattinson in ‘Tu’ Magazine – Mexico   Leave a comment

Here are few scans of Rob in Tu magazine

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson #1 in Popsugar’s “Your Top 10 Sexiest Men of 2011”   6 comments

From Popsugar:

It was a tough race for this year’s PopSugar 100 sexiest men, with everyone from Robert Pattinson to Brad Pitt to Johnny Depp fighting it out to make it into your top 10. But what makes one guy hotter than the next? PopSugar editors Allie Merriam, Mackenzie Wagoner, and Katie Henry help explain this year’s rankings — take a look!


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