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Jason Bateman questions Robert Pattinson’s accent   2 comments

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You guys, we’ve been insensitive. With all our excitement over the “Breaking Dawn” trailer, the epic Taylert smooch and “Eclipse”‘s sweep of nearly every MTV Movie Awards category, we never even stopped to think about how all the love for “The Twilight Saga” might be hurting the precious fee-fees of our local Hollywood bro squad! And when we caught up with “Horrible Bosses” stars Jason Bateman and Charlie Day during the broadcast, they weren’t afraid to tell us just how deeply wounded they were.

“Nothing but Brits,” Jason sniffed. “Lots of Brits on stage.”

Charlie looked similarly miffed—and no wonder, ’cause he’s keeping careful track of just how slighted they’ve been by the crowd’s general preference for Englishmen. “Fifteen Brits,” he complained. “Why do we let them in here? They win all our awards, they get all our acting jobs… you know, I COULD BE A VAMPIRE.”


Aww, Charlie. Sure you could! But it might be too late for these two to get hooked up with a cameo role in the supernatural romance; the bitterness clearly runs too deep.

“Pattinson’s accent—is it real?” asked Jason. “Because I heard Boca.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s from Van Nuys,” Charlie chimed in.

Uh-oh. Fighting words! And if RPattz ever finds himself face-to-face with either one of these guys, he’d better watch out—because they’re going to make him explain a few things.

“I’d give him an accent test,” Jason said.

“I’d ask to see a driver’s license,” Charlie said. “A birth certificate.”

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*VIDEO* Extra, E!News and The Seven Talk Robert Pattinson and the MMAs   1 comment



The Seven

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Fan Video of Rob, Kristen and Taylor watching the Breaking Dawn Trailer at the MTV Movie Awards   5 comments

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Alexys Nycole Sanchez talks to MTV about what she would say to Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Starts at 0:50

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Tom Felton Praises “Humble” Robert Pattinson   6 comments

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From TheFablife:

Tom Felton might have just won the Best Villain award at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards for his portrayal of the nefarious Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, but in real life, his personality couldn’t be any sweeter. Our friends over at VH1 News caught up with the burgeoning hunk on the red carpet before last night’s big show and asked him about his old pal from Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory (aka Robert Pattinson). Felton praised his old pal as being “humble” not once but TWICE during our interview with him, and told us how much he was looking forward to catching up with his old chum at such a festive occasion.

Old/New Outtakes of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner’s Empire Photoshoot (2008)   5 comments

Here are three outtakes of Rob, Kristen and Taylor’s Empire photoshoot back in 2008.


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The Stir: “5 Ways Robert Pattinson Saved the MTV Movie Awards”   15 comments

From The Stir

Silent, smoldering type Robert Pattinson and his uncharacteristically crazy stunts single-handedly saved last night’s MTV Movie Awards from becoming a giant snore, and now I can’t wait to see more of Edward’s wild side! Not that I don’t love Pattinson’s sultry, wordless gaze or that sexy, long-suffering pout, but who knew this guy could give a boring awards show such a powerful shot of adrenaline? He’s funny, in a totally not-trying-to-be-funny way, has an air of unpredictability that’s just dangerous enough to keep us on the edge of our seats, and apparently has no qualms about kissing his male co-stars (read on!). These are my picks for Pattinson’s Top 5 MTV Award Show-Saving Moments:

1. RPatz drops the F-bomb on Reese Witherspoon. The presentation of a lifetime achievement award or, as MTV calls their version, the Generation Award, is usually beyond dull. But thanks to Pattinson’s endearing screw-ups, including flubbing jokes and laughing at his own inability to ad-lib as instructed by the teleprompter, Reese Witherspoon had quite the racy award-acceptance experience. Best part? The censors weren’t prepared when Pattinson wrapped up his anecdote about shootingWater for Elephants with Reese by saying, “But I did f–k you.” So the slip aired live!

2. Pattinson plants one on Taylor Lautner. Yeah, we were all soooo surprised when Robert and Kristen Stewart won for Best Kiss (again). But before we could even start to yawn, Pattinson declared he didn’t “feel like kissing” Stewart and dashed off the stage into the crowd to give a big sloppy kiss to “someone who would appreciate it more” — Taylor Lautner! Priceless.

3. Robert accidentally announces co-star’s pregnancy. When Pattinson, Xavier Samuel, and Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) stepped up to the mike to receive the award for Best Fight, it wasn’t immediately obvious that Dallas Howard is pregnant (empire waist dress, flowy fabric, you get the picture). Then Pattinson put the trio’s awkward banter to an end, responding to Dallas Howard’s faux apology for trying to hurt Rob on film by saying, “That’s ok, I ripped your head off … and now you’re pregnant!” Whoops! Cut to Kristen Stewart’s jaw dropping.

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Black & White Pics of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the MTV Movie Awards   Leave a comment

Here are some black & white pics of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the MTV Movie Awards. 

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*VIDEO* Access Hollywood recaps the MTV Movie Awards   1 comment

Via TwiBritney

*VIDEO* Rami Malek: ‘Rob Is A Goofy, Fun Guy’   Leave a comment

Twilightish got a chance to chat with new vamp Rami Malek (Benjamin) at the MTV Movie Awards, and he shared his thoughts on Rob. (at about 1:10).

Source: Twilightish | Via RPattzNews

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